11 tips for selecting secure password

By Detector | 24 February 2009

BMmtps091, p@ $$\/\/0rd, Qwert123$ home123 are passwords that can be used in everyday use of computers and the appropriate applications.

After the previous post of 15 ways of password abuse and how to avoid that, today we bring another 11 new tips, and we suggest to read all the details and adopt as many of the above in order to reduce unauthorized use of your password. So, here we continue:

  1. Some experts recommend using anagram for creating passwords with taking the initial letters of certain sentences. You can think of a simple sentence, “the number of my mobile phone starts with 070” and you can create the password “TNommpsw070” which is a very secure password by every standard. But, the question is – will you remember it when you need it the most?

  2. Do not use consecutive letters on the keyboard for creating passwords. For example: Qwert123$ is a very secure password, but also very predictable.
  3. Do not use the confidential services on other people’s computers. The reason is that they may have specialized programs that later can show your password, or because of your negligence you may have forgotten to sign out and people will have access to your data.
  4. Try to avoid situations when you share with someone the same password because such situations can be very tricky if the failure occurs, and later will not be able to accurately determine who is wrong.
  5. You would not believe, but on some systems “blank” (no password) is better than no password. But those are special systems that is connected only with the remote location, so please do not tested this advice and still set your own password.
  6. Make periodically change of your passwords. Some systems may warn you alone on this, but for all other systems don’t forget to periodically change your passwords. Just once in three months.
  7. If you doubt that someone find out your password, the best way to check it – login to your system. If the password is still current, get faster of potential attacker and set a new password.
  8. If you suspect that someone at your work know your password immediately contact responsible person for security of the computer system in the company. If your suspect that someone find out password for your ADSL router in your home then reset the router to factory settings and set a new password.
  9. If you have a break in the network computer on which the attacker changed the password that you know, it is best to unplug this computer from the network and then try to solve the problem.
  10. If you follow the most, or all advices in our posts, create your password and test it through this website. Those who have a grade Strong or Best successfully finish all the foregoing.
  11. Do not use the full word or name to create a password (home123), the final result should look like a random string of characters.

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