Watch Apple events wwdc keynote video in Linux

By Detector | 12 September 2013


Apple restricts playing keynote videos on Linux. I have found various solutions for using VLC and Apple keynote links but I really like this simple one explained below. Open Chrome (install if you are not using...
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Convert PDFs Anywhere, Anytime With Able2Doc PDF to Word Mobile App

By Detector | 20 March 2013


As you know, the capabilities of a smartphone or tablet can be extended endlessly with apps, allowing you to perform the most complex document tasks when you least expect it. We all know the scenario: you...
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iPad 4 versus iPad Mini – Apple’s In-House Tablet Combat

By Detector | 15 January 2013


It’s the battle between two devices in the same family and strangely both these gadgets have their own fanfare following them. This is not just because they belong to the Apple brand. It is also because...
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How to publish iOS Application to AppStore – Quick Steps

By Detector | 27 November 2012


Recently we have few issues with publishing our iOS application to the store which lead to moving deadline and unsuccessful delivery on agreed deadlines towards the client. As this was our first-time publish, the issue was...
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Sony’s Reader App Finally Gets a Nod for iOS Devices

By Detector | 09 November 2012


At long last, those who use Sony Reader can access e-books on iOS devices because of the return of Reader app at the App Store. This means those who have the device and have an account...
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Air Playit – Free Streaming Movie to iPhone with WiFi, 3G, 4G

By Detector | 18 April 2012

air playit

Every time when you want to transfer a movie from the computer to iPhone, there are two things we should take into consideration: the Space and the Format. It’s OK to put one or two movies...
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iQuit – New Apple Product Announced Today

By Detector | 25 August 2011


As Bill Gates did in January 2000, Steve Jobs does today – August 24, 2011. In a letter to the board of directors and the Apple community Steve Jobs announced that he leaves from position of...
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5 must install addons for Thunderbird

By Detector | 09 June 2011

Lightning Manage your daily schedule directly within Thunderbird. Allows managing calendars locally or subscribing to network calendars. MinimizeToTray Plus Minimize applications to the system tray. Works for Firefox 3, Thunderbird 3 and Sunbird 1 and higher....
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Perian Quick Time plugin update

By Detector | 15 April 2011


Perian is a must install on every Mac. Why? Becouse it is the swiss army knife for every Quick Time. It empowers Quick Time to play virtually unlimited number of video codecs like AVI, DIVX, FLV,...
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The power is in the software – iPad 2 and iOS 4.3

By Detector | 04 March 2011


iPad 2 was unveiled by the legendary Steve Jobs again, and again they have the best product. Why? There are more powerful PAD’s out there, but iPad 2 as an whole experience bring more benefits to...
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