Watch Apple events wwdc keynote video in Linux

By Detector | 12 September 2013


Apple restricts playing keynote videos on Linux. I have found various solutions for using VLC and Apple keynote links but I really like this simple one explained below. Open Chrome (install if you are not using...
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Five Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Go for Ubuntu Linux

By Detector | 21 March 2013


Of all reasons to prefer Ubuntu Linux over the mainstream OSs like Windows or Mac OS is they cost a fraction of what the competition is charging users. It you had compared Ubuntu with others; you...
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How to dual boot Linux and Mac OS X

By Detector | 28 February 2013


Dual-booting means having two operating systems on a computer both of which takes up hard disk space. It allows one to carry on running Mac OS-X and to boot into Ubuntu whenever one chooses. The fundamental...
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Previewing ‘Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail’ Linux Based Operating System

By Detector | 11 February 2013


Unity is back again with their next version, Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail. Named after the Ringtail Lemur, Raring Ringtail has a lot of new features, a revamped interface and lots of other novelties, which you will...
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Fedora Linux 18 Spherical Cow – Features & Cloud Capabilities

By Detector | 08 February 2013

fedora 18

So the newest version of Linux distribution, Fedora 18 has been released; after all the delays and hiccups along the way, and all the waiting by users. This comes not too long after the release of...
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Introducing Raspberry Pi – A Linux /ARM Based Single Board Computer

By Detector | 22 January 2013


Raspberry Pi is an incredibly small, (no larger than a credit card) computer that has a single board. It was developed in the UK by the Raspberry Foundation with the sole aim of making computer science...
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Tips for Disk Partitioning in Linux

By Detector | 07 December 2012


Disk partitioning is the process of dividing the storage space of a hard disk into smaller bits and treating them as separate disks. There are a lot of advantages to partitioning disks, for example, if your...
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The most Popular Linux Tips and Tricks

By Detector | 28 September 2012


One of the major reasons people don’t switch over to Linux is compatibility issues. They are worried if they will be able to watch movies, play music and run spreadsheets. With Linux, you can do all...
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Linux tip: The simplest way to add files to “/var/www”

By Detector | 10 December 2011

nautilus 1

If you have problems with adding and edit files in linux folder “/var/www” – web server folder you are at right place. Here are two simple way to set a user able to use the graphic...
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How to Test Your Computer Speed

By Detector | 18 October 2011


There are a lot of tests on the internet which can help you with this issue but this is simple one, need just basic computer skills and a simple knowledge of excel(2007 or higher). Bellow you...
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