Rules for Keeping Your Boss Happy and You Closer To Promotion

By Detector | 02 May 2012

Here is how this works. With using these roles on daily basics with your boss you will prove yourself as hard and loyal worker worth for promotions.

1. Be true to your word.
Whenever you accept an assignment, follow through religiously, even fanatically. Boss wants to trust you. Never overcommit, and avoid hedging your bets with vague statements like “I’ll try” and “maybe.” Instead, make your word carry real weight.

2. No surprises.
Employees sometimes are screwing up but are not saying anything about it. So even if you’re afraid some bad news might upset your boss, make sure he’s informed. Note: If your boss consistently “shoots the messenger,” ignore this rule.

3. Be prepared on the details.
Whenever you’re meeting with the boss, have the details ready so you can answer these queries with grace and aplomb. Your boss wants to believe you’re competent and on top of things.

4. Take your job seriously.
Bosses need people who have unique expertise. You don’t have to be a pro at everything, but you should definitely have a specific area of knowledge that your boss values. Bosses appreciate individuals who truly care about what they do and willing to take the time to achieve a deep understanding of their craft.

5. Have your boss’s back.
When you see your boss about to make a foolish decision, it’s your responsibility to attempt to convince him to make a different one. Make your best case, and express yourself clearly. Once the decision is actually made, do your best to make it work–regardless of whether you think it was the right one.

6. Provide solutions, not complaints.
Nothing is more irritating or more boring than listening to somebody kvetch about things that they’re not willing to change. So never bring up a problem unless you’ve got a solution to propose–or are willing to take the advice the boss gives you. Complainers are the bane of your boss’s existence.

7. Communicate in plain language.
When dealing with your boss, speak and write in short sentences, use the fewest words possible to make a point, and make that point clear and easily understandable. Bosses are busy people.

8. Know your real job.
Your real job is to make your boss successful. There are no exceptions to this rule. Your boss’s real job is to make you more successful. The reversal of these priorities is the source of almost all organizational problems. Regardless of what it says on your job description keep boss happy.

Good Luck!

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  1. rules are rules in this follow for rules so happy boss and management and successful for your Promotion. thanks


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