Business Benefits of Windows 8

By Detector | 27 March 2013


The long awaited operating system Windows 8 has finally arrived with mind-blowing features. Many have started exploring it on different medias including laptops, tablets, smartphones and others. It is designed to meet the needs of customers...
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How to Test Your Computer Speed

By Detector | 18 October 2011


There are a lot of tests on the internet which can help you with this issue but this is simple one, need just basic computer skills and a simple knowledge of excel(2007 or higher). Bellow you...
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5 must install addons for Thunderbird

By Detector | 09 June 2011

Lightning Manage your daily schedule directly within Thunderbird. Allows managing calendars locally or subscribing to network calendars. MinimizeToTray Plus Minimize applications to the system tray. Works for Firefox 3, Thunderbird 3 and Sunbird 1 and higher....
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Download Internet Explorer 9

By Detector | 15 March 2011


Internet Explorer 9 is ready for download. Microsoft finally released IE 9 for Windows 7 and Vista. Windows XP is not supported even though XP has the biggest market share, more than 55%. Desperate move from...
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Download PDFZilla for Free until February

By Detector | 18 January 2011


PDFZilla is superb software for converting a PDF documents into a various other formats. The software supports PDF to Microsoft Word .doc format or PDF to (RTF, TXT, images, HTML, SWF) while preserving the original quality...
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Hotmail users report deleted emails

By Detector | 03 January 2011

Some users reported that Microsoft probably by mistake delete their emails from Hotmail service. Microsoft’s forum contains more than a 500 pages of complaints about lost and deleted emails. Others complain that the majority of the...
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Migrate Thunderbird accounts between Windows, Linux or Mac

By Detector | 17 December 2010


One of the best features of Mozilla Thunderbird is multi-platform usability. You will ask, what’s this mean for me? Well, you can use Thunderbird on any platform – Windows, Linux, Mac without loosing your accounts, mails,...
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Windows 8 on Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

By Detector | 15 December 2010


According to The New York Times, the first public presentation of the next edition of Windows – Windows 8, could be as early as next month’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. For now, very little...
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Switching between open windows in Windows with VistaSwitcher

By Detector | 14 December 2010


Ability to switch between windows in Windows 7 is quite improved, but still not at the level you’d expect. Things become worse if you do not know the ability to switch between windows in Windows using...
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Storing passwords, log-ins and other private information in one place with 1Password

By Detector | 13 December 2010


Do you need of a program that will run on Windows or Mac, including newest gadget iPad/iPhone, and will allow you to record information for your different offices, computers and application which you use for your...
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