iPad 4 versus iPad Mini – Apple’s In-House Tablet Combat

By Detector | 15 January 2013

It’s the battle between two devices in the same family and strangely both these gadgets have their own fanfare following them. This is not just because they belong to the Apple brand. It is also because these devices are up to the task when it comes to performance and fulfilling different expectations.

This article talks more on what separates the two Godly devices. The article is written with the intention of helping people in making the right selection. So if you are someone who is looking for or confused with what to buy between the iPad 4 and the iPad mini, read on.

The Mini

Like many other full-sized tablets, the Mini comes in different flavors – 4G, Wi-Fi only, Wi-Fi + 4G models. These models come with different storage options – the 64 GB, 32 GB and the 16 GB. They also come in two different colors – white and black. Hence there are 12 different models to choose from. Unlike the new iPad 4, the mini measures just 7.9 inches.

Advantages of iPad Mini

1) The iPad Mini is much cheaper than its bigger cousins. The price starts from $329 and that makes a saving of $299 compared to the larger screen devices. The iPad mini is the apt choice for those who want an Apple tablet but feel that the bigger ones are slightly over-priced.

2) The smallness of the Mini has its own advantage just like the bigger ones have theirs. The Mini is much more mobile in nature than the bigger tablets. This makes it easier to fit into pockets and purses. The mini can be hooked to your TVs to enjoy videos on bigger displays.

3) The very fact that it’s still an Apple product is its biggest advantage. Although the iPad Mini does not have Retina display or the fast processor as in the case of iPad 4, it has all the magical stuff that you see in many other Apple products. You can still use all the glorious applications available in the Apple store.

iPad 4

The iPad 4 comes in the same set of varieties as seen in the iPad mini but it features a bigger and much better display. The concept of Retina display from Apple’s end should not disappoint you. Also, the device is much more powerful than all the previous ones.

Advantages of IPad 4

1) The tablet is faster, bigger and more powerful. The 9.7 inch retina display will offer you faster resolutions, and the processor is twice as fast as the Mini.

2) The tablet is much better in terms of productivity. It is definitely a heavy weight lifting champion. You can perform multi-tasking activities and play games with better experience. The tablet naturally has a better video and photo manipulation and a faster web browsing capabilities. If you like editing your photos or interested in the video editing activities, the iPad 4 can be the best choice for you.

What’s our take?

Both these products have the Apple brand on them. Hence there are no worries about their performance and capabilities. It all burns down to individual choice and use.

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