Custom Essay Writing Services Reviews

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A Critical Review Of Eiro Research A well-written Custom Term Papers is what brings you good grades. It all depends on how you undertake them and how much fervor you pour in it. You can’t successfully...
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I extremely propose them. rnDirectional Chief, the Velocity Convention. rnI could no for a longer time dismiss the publishing desire that God place in my coronary heart, and Xulon aided that desire come to be reality....
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Dangers Of Online Roulette

8 days ago, by marmi | Posted in: News

Rotate Palace Casino features above 300 Vegas pattern slots. The casino is open to totally free and real cash participants with mmorpgs starting as low as a cent to as much as $500 a rotate. The...
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14 Tips How to Become Successful Overachiever

1657 days ago, by Admin | Posted in: Business, Social


1. Steal Ideas You have to steal ideas. You need to discuss your ideas out loudly and don’t care if anyone will steal from you. The ideas are worthless, execution is what matters. 2. Make lists...
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Watch Apple events wwdc keynote video in Linux

2013 days ago, by Viktor Ustijanoski | Posted in: Linux


Apple restricts playing keynote videos on Linux. I have found various solutions for using VLC and Apple keynote links but I really like this simple one explained below. Open Chrome (install if you are not using...
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Business Benefits of Windows 8

2182 days ago, by Admin | Posted in: Windows


The long awaited operating system Windows 8 has finally arrived with mind-blowing features. Many have started exploring it on different medias including laptops, tablets, smartphones and others. It is designed to meet the needs of customers...
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Five Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Go for Ubuntu Linux

2188 days ago, by Admin | Posted in: Business, Linux


Of all reasons to prefer Ubuntu Linux over the mainstream OSs like Windows or Mac OS is they cost a fraction of what the competition is charging users. It you had compared Ubuntu with others; you...
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Twitter’s TweetDeck to Be Retired

2188 days ago, by Admin | Posted in: Announcements, Social

tweetdeck-otmag.com_ (1)

Twitter is calling off their support for TweetDeck. People have been loving and using TweetDeck apps a lot to manage their Twitter account. When TweetDeck was about to step down from the stage, Twitter gave its...
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Convert PDFs Anywhere, Anytime With Able2Doc PDF to Word Mobile App

2189 days ago, by Admin | Posted in: Software


As you know, the capabilities of a smartphone or tablet can be extended endlessly with apps, allowing you to perform the most complex document tasks when you least expect it. We all know the scenario: you...
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HTC One SV Review

2208 days ago, by Admin | Posted in: Android, Gadgets


LTE network is rapidly spreading its wings globally gathering support from high and low end devices. The all new HTC One SV stands as a perfect example for this trend. This phone is packed with all...
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How to dual boot Linux and Mac OS X

2209 days ago, by Admin | Posted in: Apple, Linux


Dual-booting means having two operating systems on a computer both of which takes up hard disk space. It allows one to carry on running Mac OS-X and to boot into Ubuntu whenever one chooses. The fundamental...
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Hands on with Canon EOS 6D DSLR Camera

2211 days ago, by Admin | Posted in: Featured, Hardware, Photography


Other than the Leica M, the Canon EOS 6D is the smallest full frame DSLR, much smaller than the Nikon D800/800 E and comes as an answer to Nikon’s D600. It is a stripped down version...
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Previewing ‘Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail’ Linux Based Operating System

2226 days ago, by Admin | Posted in: Featured, Linux


Unity is back again with their next version, Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail. Named after the Ringtail Lemur, Raring Ringtail has a lot of new features, a revamped interface and lots of other novelties, which you will...
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Fedora Linux 18 Spherical Cow – Features & Cloud Capabilities

2229 days ago, by Admin | Posted in: Linux

fedora 18

So the newest version of Linux distribution, Fedora 18 has been released; after all the delays and hiccups along the way, and all the waiting by users. This comes not too long after the release of...
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Being Hacked and Your First Defense

2229 days ago, by Admin | Posted in: Featured, Internet


Interesting graphical representation of statistics, the increasing rate of cyber crimes and the dangers associated with online hacking i.e. how to protect yourself from cyber crimes.
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WordPress Releases ‘Portfolio Vertical’ For Photographers & Designers

2243 days ago, by Admin | Posted in: Media, Software


Can you envision a platform that enables the creatively inclined like photographers and designers to exhibit their achievements? Well, WordPress just did that by releasing “Portfolio Vertical” which promises to showcase unique creations and whilst there...
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Introducing Raspberry Pi – A Linux /ARM Based Single Board Computer

2246 days ago, by Admin | Posted in: Featured, Hardware, Linux


Raspberry Pi is an incredibly small, (no larger than a credit card) computer that has a single board. It was developed in the UK by the Raspberry Foundation with the sole aim of making computer science...
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iPad 4 versus iPad Mini – Apple’s In-House Tablet Combat

2253 days ago, by Admin | Posted in: Apple


It’s the battle between two devices in the same family and strangely both these gadgets have their own fanfare following them. This is not just because they belong to the Apple brand. It is also because...
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Twitter to Launch its Own Instagram-Like Photo Filters

2271 days ago, by Admin | Posted in: Android

twitter-instagram filter

Micro-blogging website Twitter has hit the headlines yet again. This time for the launch of its Instagram-like photo filters. A highly placed source from the company made official this new Twitter feature. Every day, many millions...
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Top 5 Android Apps That Kill Your Boredom

2279 days ago, by Admin | Posted in: Android


Android is the life breath of millions of mobile devices in several countries across the world. This is a world-class platform that offers opportunity to create apps and games for Android users and others worldwide. This...
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