14 Tips How to Become Successful Overachiever

By Detector | 03 September 2014


1. Steal Ideas You have to steal ideas. You need to discuss your ideas out loudly and don’t care if anyone will steal from you. The ideas are worthless, execution is what matters. 2. Make lists...
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Business Benefits of Windows 8

By Detector | 27 March 2013


The long awaited operating system Windows 8 has finally arrived with mind-blowing features. Many have started exploring it on different medias including laptops, tablets, smartphones and others. It is designed to meet the needs of customers...
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Five Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Go for Ubuntu Linux

By Detector | 21 March 2013


Of all reasons to prefer Ubuntu Linux over the mainstream OSs like Windows or Mac OS is they cost a fraction of what the competition is charging users. It you had compared Ubuntu with others; you...
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5 Reasons You Need to Meet Face to Face With the Clients

By Detector | 14 September 2012


All clients are the same: They want to Skype, email and text, sometimes phone. But here are few reasons why you need face-to-face meeting with clients. When avalanche of emails and messages gets overwhelming, it’s so...
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10 Ways to Make Your Work Fun

By Detector | 28 February 2012


How often when you go at home after work you said, “I have wonderful time today at work”? Not so offen, sad, isn’t it? It doesn’t have to be that way. We know how to have...
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How to motivate people?

By Detector | 18 November 2011


Robert Sapolski, professor at university of Stanford, on video below presents the study which was made in the beginning of this year. Actually, he found that the capacity of dopamine in the human brain is the...
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iQuit – New Apple Product Announced Today

By Detector | 25 August 2011


As Bill Gates did in January 2000, Steve Jobs does today – August 24, 2011. In a letter to the board of directors and the Apple community Steve Jobs announced that he leaves from position of...
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Microsoft acquire Skype for $8.5 billion, is that good or bad?

By Detector | 11 May 2011


After Microsoft announcement of Skype expensive acquisition, Facebook become very nervous because they lose opportunity to buy Skype and become the biggest VOIP leader – integrating the famous Skype with it’s more than a 500 million...
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Why Nokia leaves MeeGo platform?

By Detector | 18 February 2011


Last week Nokia, the world’s largest phone maker by volume, unveils plans to make Microsoft’s Windows mobile its primary software in the competition for smartphone customers. The company is competing against Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android...
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9 Steps for Standing Out in Your Office

By Detector | 11 February 2011

With unemployment high, office environments are more competitive than ever. Those who don’t demonstrate their value to their employer will be the first ones out the door: that’s just the way it is. In tough work...
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