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Google Wave – real time web communication

By Detector | 29 September 2009

Google Wave is ready, and more than 100,000 invitations are being sent out to users who had previously requested access to the web-based real-time communications service on a first-come, first-served basis. Google Wave is a real...
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Seavus Project Evolution – Integrated Project Collaboration Environment for MS Project users

By Detector | 25 September 2009

Seavus Project Evolution is a MS Project based suite of tools, designed to create a real collaboration environment for all projects in your company. It is a suite for project teams to successfully manage task updates,...
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Install Emesene 1.5 with one click on Ubuntu

By Detector | 19 September 2009

The new emesene version comes with various bug fixes and improvements and new features: Compatible with the latest Window Live Messenger(tm) New plugin set (Plus! colors, Notifications, Mail check, etc.) HTTP connection and proxy support @msn...
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How to mount your hard drives on Ubuntu 9.04 and 9.10

By Detector | 14 September 2009

Usually Ubuntu mounts your hard disks during OS installation, but sometimes your windows hard drives are not mounted and you must mount manually for every use. Fortunately, there is a simple solution with a an app...
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How to make song list from Winamp

By Detector | 10 September 2009

If you want to record some mp3’s to CD or other media and you don’t want to make song list with a hand writing, you can use Winamp as a song list generator. Open the songs...
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How to launch faster on Ubuntu

By Detector | 08 September 2009

Open Office is a little start up slow, so to fix that follow this excellent tutorial. Open the Startup Manager, you can find it on System-Preferences-Startup Applications and add a new entry. In the command filed...
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How to Find the Right Hosting Service in the Jungle of Deferent Types of Web Hosting Services

By Detector | 08 September 2009

Any webmaster would be able to tell you that the hardest aspect of creating and maintaining a website is actually choosing the right web host. There is a jungle of web hosting providers on the internet....
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How to install Skype 2.1 beta on Ubuntu 9.04

By Detector | 02 September 2009

For Ubuntu 9.10 follow this excellent DetectorPRO tutorial. This is beta version and anyone who uses Skype professionally should avoid this installation tutorial. Skype 2.1 beta announced new features and improvements: Skype’s SILK codec for outstanding...
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