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Managing Agile Project Cycle, Agile Development and Project Management Tools

By Detector | 29 December 2009

Agile! This is the right word for every software process especially for managing any software project. With simple definition from Wikipedia – Agile methodology is an approach to project management, typically used in software development. It...
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DetectorPRO wishes you..

By Detector | 25 December 2009

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ))
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New User Interface for Firefox 3.7/4.0

By Detector | 22 December 2009

Mozilla have unveiled some screenshots of the new Windows theme/UI updates for upcoming Firefox 3.7 and 4.0. The designer and contributor to the Mozilla project – Stephen Horlander explains that the new App Button will appear...
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How to fix ghosting on LCD TV

By Detector | 22 December 2009

A lot of viewers of LCD television faces problem of ghosting. This is strange effect viewable on the TV screen where pictures shadow seems to be left of the main picture i.e. unwanted image on the...
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Make your own personal Firefox OS like Chrome OS

By Detector | 15 December 2009

Google Chrome OS is based on Linux core and Google Chrome Browser. The point of Chrome OS is cloud based system that can be used for web applications so there is no local user data and...
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Install Thunderbird 3 on Ubuntu

By Detector | 10 December 2009

Finally, Thunderbird 3 was released with many new and interesting features (read more about the new features here) but it doesn’t contain .deb package for easy one click installation on Ubuntu. Well, we gonna fix that...
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Free gDoc PDF Creator

By Detector | 03 December 2009

gDoc Creator is the very simple and effective way to produce and view professional-quality PDF and XPS documents from any PC application. If you need digital documents for sharing with colleagues or clients, for high-quality commercial...
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How to install Vuze 4.3 and newer on Unubtu 9.10

By Detector | 02 December 2009

This is manual install and is very easy to do for all users. It will works for all Vuze versions. First you need to install JRE (Java Runtime Environment). Open terminal and paste this line: sudo...
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