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How to install LAMP and phpmyadmin on Ubuntu – set up your home or business LAN server

By Detector | 29 March 2010

If you are using Ubuntu 9.10+ there is easy way to install and configure most of LAMP options with only one terminal command. After that there is step by step illustrated tutorial so installing LAMP on...
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Top 25 Technology Predictions

By Detector | 26 March 2010

In the list below you can find top 25 technology predictions for following 50 years. Each item of this list have been carefully chosen and collected from different sources and prediction centers over the internet. If...
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MS Office and Chemistry

By Detector | 25 March 2010

Microsoft released a plugin for Office 2007 and 2010, which should facilitate the work with chemical labels, formulas and images in the documents. The plugin is called Chem4Word and it was developed with tight collaboration of...
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Ubuntu One Music Store ready for business

By Detector | 23 March 2010

Ubuntu One music store is online for business. It was a closed beta for a test period and now it goes to the public but still as beta, so if someone experience any bug submit that...
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Windows 7 XP Mode without hardware virtualization

By Detector | 19 March 2010

Microsoft announced that XP mode on Windows 7 can be used without hardware virtualization with a new system update. This update will work only on Windows 7 Enterprise, Professional and Ultimate. Until now, XP Mode on...
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Windows 7 tip: How to Access Hidden Regional Themes

By Detector | 17 March 2010

Windows 7 offers a specific Aero location themes depending on language and location chosen during installation. But there are many hidden themes from different countries and here is easy tip how to access the other international...
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Top 9 IT Predictions for 2010 – 2015

By Detector | 16 March 2010

This is predictions report focused on the new balance emerging in IT as organizations worldwide shift from a cost containment mode and prepare for a return to economic growth. Previous assumptions about revenue flows and ownership...
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Export Email Addresses from Facebook Friends

By Detector | 09 March 2010

If there is any need for exporting contact from Facebook, there is few apps on the Facebook Apps directory that can transfer your friends contact information out of Facebook. An app called “Export Friends” will save...
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Download WinX HD video converter deluxe for free

By Detector | 06 March 2010

A top notch video product from Digiarty Software, the company behind the WinX video converter, can be downloaded for free. Otherwise the product cost $49.95. You can download WinX HD video converter deluxe for free and...
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