Hawking’s advice – colonization or extinction

By Viktor Ustijanoski | 11 August 2010

Renowned astrophysicist and scientist Stephen Hawking has a few minutes of his thoughts about the feature of humanity on Big Think web page. In short, the expansion of humanity into space and colonization of other planets is our only chance for long-term survival of species. He explains that in context of increased global population, problems like global warming and pollution and also the limited resources on this planet.

- “Our genetic code carries selfish and aggressive instincts that gave us an advantage in survival in the past. It will be difficult to avoid catastrophes in the next 100 years or the next thousand or million. “- Says the famous physicist.

He also mentions the Cuban missile crisis from 1963. When the world was on the edge of nuclear annihilation and that was barely avoided, in the future very similar incidents will occur with increasing frequency.

However, if we manage to live together for two centuries, to be able to equip the spacecraft with colonists and if colonization is successful, the humanity will live. “says Hawking. More about Hawking’s thoughts here.

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2 Responses to “Hawking’s advice – colonization or extinction”

  1. Jim Hub says:

    How true yet I do feel that is still to presumptious. I am but a worker for EtechOnline Limited, but if there is one lesson I learned from my job is that daily, new technology comes and everything is aimed at making life better, I don’t think the world will end up with this just 2 simple options. Deep inside I still feel that new technology will come and give us more options.

  2. Steve says:

    I’ve been saying since pre-Apollo days that we need to get some of our eggs out of this basket before something steps on it. Suppose we can avoid a ruinous world war, have space-based solar plants on line when the Arab oil wells start sucking water, and avoid an ecocatastrophe. There’s still that big, slow pinball machine in the outer solar system that *will*, at some unpredictable time, send another Dinosaur Killer this way.


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