New Intel technology – Kill Switch

By Detector | 22 December 2010

Intel is preparing to launch its Sandy Bridge processors at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January. The most interesting thing about these new processors is the kill switch that is built into them. What, a kill switch? Why? The government wants it? So they can control Us (another government totalitarian device) if, for example, our business is successful but they didn’t like it – kill switch, you have opposite thoughts for the government – kill switch, downloading torrent music and movies – kill switch, Internet porn – kill switch, buying AMD graphics cards – kill switch, visiting wikileaks – kill switch… You get the point?

But, according to Intel – “This is our first microprocessor where we have one billion transistors on a single CPU like this. Now we’ve built in more thermal capabilities and performance enhancements. With Sandy Bridge, we’ll still have the naming conventions for Core i3, Corei5 and Core i7. The new performance capabilities are improved graphics, faster processing and “improved” security and trust features designed to keep the whole computing experience more secure.”

The kill switch part.. There is new anti-theft technology that Intel has built into Sandy Bridge. Users no longer need to worry if their laptop gets lost or stolen because with Sandy Bridge it can be shut down remotely. But, even if the CPU is kill switched, there’s nothing stopping the thief from taking out the HDD and putting it in another computer so they can still get our personal info, business plans, strategies etc..

We all know that we are subject of societal tracking grid, from credit cards to mobile phones to a GPS tracking devices, so couldn’t Intel at least have come up with a way to track your stolen laptop with a Global Positioning System (GPS) so it can be easily tracked by authorities and returned to the owner?

But we think, the goal is more global, with putting a kill switch in their new processors it seem like they want to disconnect you from your personal right to be informed.

Thank you but, I will hang-out with my old laptop as long as I can. I hope there is no kill switch in it so it can not be shut down to force me to buy a new one with improved kill switch.

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One Response to “New Intel technology – Kill Switch”

  1. Steve says:

    The way I heard it, it’s not the government but the Hollywood Mafia that ordered the kill switch. It won’t do them much good unless they can buy a similar “feature” from AMD. Even if I buy a Sandy Bridge processor. by the time I can afford a new box, the hacking community will have a way to defeat the kill switch, perhaps by filtering all incoming data through a little box that does nothing but recognize the “kill” command and delete it.


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