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Top 15 tips for driving traffic to your site

By Detector | 30 June 2008

You’ve got your blog set up. Days go by, you keep publishing, but no one comments and your traffic stats are barely registering. What do you do? You must do blog promotion to start driving traffic...
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How to increase hard disk speed in Windows

By Detector | 27 June 2008

If you like to increase/optimize your Hard Disk I/O – read/write speed without buying expensive software utilities to do that job or changing the HD, just follow next steps. With doing these steps you will increase...
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Internet radio – for Windows and Linux under Wine – Screamer radio

By Detector | 26 June 2008

Screamer Radio is an excellent Internet radio player ready with hundreds of easily recordable radio stations at your fingertips. It is an internet radio database and player making it easy to listen any of the thousands...
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How to extend Vista activation period

By Detector | 25 June 2008

Vista can be installed, used and run without license or any product key. Microsoft gives 30 days grace period for purpose of trial or evaluation. If you don’t activate Windows Vista with proper activation key before...
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Intel robotic hand uses "Pre Touch" object conformation

By Detector | 24 June 2008

Robotics as technology has big part of today’s research, inventions and investment. Human body movements are the most sensitive issues in robotic science, which researchers and scientist try to copy with robotics objects. As robotic come...
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CBS buy CNET for $1.8 billion

By Detector | 24 June 2008

CBS Corp (TV corporation) agreed to buy the Internet media company CNET Networks Inc. for $1.8 billion. As we all know CNET Networks Inc is pioneering online provider of technology news and product reviews and the...
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Top 10 internet marketing strategies

By Detector | 23 June 2008

Internet Marketing is the marketing of products or services over the Internet.. Internet marketing can attract more people to your website, increase customers for your business, and enhance branding of your company and products. Every internet...
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How to simultaneously log into Yahoo Messenger with multiple usernames

By Detector | 21 June 2008

This is a very simple trick. You can login with multiple id’s on the same yahoo messenger without any download of software or patch for yahoo messenger. Simple modification of registry editor settings will do the...
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Alarm Clock – a great scheduler application for linux

By Detector | 20 June 2008

Alarm Clock is an alarm clock and sheduler for your tasks on your Linux system. Alarm Clock runs as a Panel applet, waiting until your alarm is due, then it pops up a window or plays...
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How to virtually lock a folder in Windows

By Detector | 18 June 2008

This is very useful trick to lock a FOLDER in Windows. You can use this method when you like to hide content of some folder from other users. This trick has only been tested in Windows...
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How to reset users passwords in Windows XP from command prompt

By Detector | 17 June 2008

Do you need to reset XP users password? DetectorPro has a little trick that dig it for you from tech-hack forums. The method is very easy to follow and doesn’t require any complicated commands. The method...
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Screenlets for Linux

By Detector | 17 June 2008

Mac OS has it, Windows also has its own widgets, and what about Linux?There a several widgets for Linux, the newest one is Google gadgets for Linux (soon more for that) but the most advanced by...
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Useful Windows Run commands

By Detector | 16 June 2008

This is short, fast and cute tutorial of windows run commands. The purpose of using windows run commands is faster opening of some windows programs and control panel utilities. To invoke Run box, just hold down...
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How to speed up menus in Windows XP

By Detector | 16 June 2008

Menus in XP sometimes can be really slow. That depends of how many programs you run at the same time, your computer memory capacity, disc speed or other hardware configuration. So, if you want to speed...
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Winner of 1500 EC credits for May on DetectorPro Entrecard monthly contest

By Detector | 13 June 2008

Today I draw a winner of DetectorPro EC contest for May. I know that it is almost half of June but I have some problems with my EC credits (Entrecard remove a big part of my...
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How to add Kontera ContentLink Ads on Blogger with one click

By Detector | 12 June 2008

Kontera announce that they build a new widget for easily adding Kontera ContentLink ads to – blog platform. As you now Kontera are a contextual advertiser which is a combination of adsense (type) text boxes...
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Convert Image to HTML – ASCII – text page with Image2Html free converter software

By Detector | 11 June 2008

Image2Html is converter software that makes an HTML ASCII-art text page from any type of image. You can generate text-images from any picture. The software is freeware! The software enables you to convert an Image to...
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7 top tips to be a successful blogger

By Detector | 09 June 2008

Blogging these days is the biggest business and entertainment online. Bloggers share something unique with other related bloggers and webmasters. From statistic: over 70% of blogs are waste of server space , but 30% trying to...
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Free internet coming in USA

By Detector | 07 June 2008

According to Reuters report, the goal of FCC is exploring ways to bring free broadband to all Americans. The father of the plan is FCC Chairman Kevin Martin. He proposes to auction an unused piece of...
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Internet conspiracy: The End of the internet will be in the year 2012

By Detector | 04 June 2008

Every significant Internet provider around the world is currently in talks with access and content providers to transform the internet into a television-like medium: no more freedom, you pay for a small commercial package of sites...
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