How To Record Skype Calls on Ubuntu Linux

By Viktor Ustijanoski | 14 August 2008

If you are using Skype on Linux and if you want to record Skype calls (friend, conference or some meeting), here is interesting tutorial:

1. For succesfull recording you will need to use: ALSA (alsamixer) found in alsa-utils, audio recording software gnome-sound-recorder(installed in Hardy), and new version of Skype for Linux.

2. Next step is to configure Skype to use alsa mixer: on Skype:(Tools>Options>Sound Devices>Audio)

3. Set up ALSA mixer with your GUI

  • Go to System/Preferences/Sound and At the devices sections set up Alsa mixer and Close or you can do that with Double click on your Volume Control(a speaker icon on you panel), then File/Change device/ALSA
  • After that in your Volume Control go to Edit/Preferences
  • Select: Microphone, Microphone capture and Mic Boost than Close. Next, You will find this options to Volume Control – tab Switches
  • Click on Switches and select Microphone Capture, and Mic Boost (+20dB) and Close.

4. Now launch Sound Recorder (Applications/Sound & Video/Sound Recorder) and Set Record from Input to Capture!

5. Start Skype and test record a call before using it to record something important. You can do this by hitting the record button in Sound Recorder and then use Skype to make the test call to Skype testing service. After finishing the call, hang up and stop recorder. Now save the file too your desktop as an ogg file. You can now use any audio playback device you have to play the recording. If all works correctly you should hear your recording. Note: You can now use an application like audacity or other to edit your file or change the format, etc..

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7 Responses to “How To Record Skype Calls on Ubuntu Linux”

  1. Anonymous says:

    This will leave you with an audio file that only records one side of the conversation (e.g., your side), correct?

  2. Ukion says:

    No, I tested again yesterday – both sides of conversation recorded in audio file

  3. Berteh says:

    The Skype Call Recorder worked out of the box to me (ubuntu package provided):

  4. Wow – SCR works brilliantly and only took a minute to install. Why had I never heard of this app before? thank you!!

  5. Tom says:

    Great site, I will bookmark this. Thanks.

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