New nVidia linux drivers 177.80

By Detector | 07 October 2008

nVidia released new binary linux drivers version 177.80. The new version has total 25 official changes and improvements. GeForce GTX is official support as graphic card with display port interface. There are X RENDER extension improvements that mean bug fixes and better 2d performance in KDE 4.x with new GeForce graphic card series. Also has improved GPU memory management with better coordination between the X driver and OpenGL implementation, which improves performance with the KDE OpenGL compositing manager. New driver version has an text rendering fixes, experimental 7.4 support, X Server 1.5 and PCI-E MSI support, also there are several bug fixes that cause system hangs.

New nVidia drivers can be found on NVIDIA UNIX Portal , or wait your repository update.

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