Windows XP vs. Windows Vista – the good and the bad of both

By Detector | 03 December 2008

For most of the users of Windows operating systems Vista is just good designed shell of Windows XP. But, Vista is not just new windows fashion style. Windows XP and Windows Vista are not the same. In this post I will try to present you the good and the bad of both Windows systems, major differences and points to consider about using each one.

Windows Vista


  • Its New OS
  • Higher quality graphics on supported video cards
  • Comes with Internet Explorer 7 preinstalled. IE7 is more secure than previous Internet Explorer versions, and has a better pop-up blocker and phishing protection
  • It can be used with Microsoft DirectX 10
  • More secure of XP


  • Runs 15% slower than a computer with Windows XP installed.
  • Requires 512MB of memory to even run, 1GB minimum to run comfortably.
  • Vista comes pre-configured with User Account Control, a security monitoring system. Any time that an action is about to be performed that requires Administrator status (installing a program, writing to or deleting system files, changing critical system settings, etc.), the user will be asked to allow or deny the action, and must respond to the prompt to continue. This can become quite annoying. User Account Control can be turned off, but that defeats the purpose of the security system.
  • Vista is sometimes unstable with the current release.
  • New patches are constantly being created to fix some problems.
  • Problems especially with printing, the printer doesn’t seem to print out your work.

Windows XP


  • Sufficient
  • Faster in most situations of Vista
  • More readily compatible with current software and hardware.


  • It is not as new.
  • It is not as secure as Windows Vista (though this is disputed).
  • It’s GUI is not as beautiful as Windows Vista’s
  • It is not compatible with Microsoft DirectX 10

But, if you thinking about switching from one to another system you must first check you hardware configuration, speed of your processor, capacity of RAM or Video memory. Read the consumer reports. Get your own personal opinion from reading. Only then, choose the best one for you.

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4 Responses to “Windows XP vs. Windows Vista – the good and the bad of both”

  1. Igor,

    You conflict with yourself. You say Vista’s “Is less secure than XP.” but then you say that XP “is not as secure as Windows Vista (though this is disputed).”

    I’ve read that Vista is much more secure and I believe that – not only because of popping questions but also because it’s newer and simply bound to be.

  2. Ukion says:

    George, Thanks, I make a mistake – Vista is much more secure of XP. You are right. I will make correction.

  3. Hi there, You’ve done an incredible job. I will definitely digg it and personally recommend to my friends. I’m sure they’ll be benefited from this website.


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