20 Best Tricks to Extend Laptop Battery Life

By Admin | 23 April 2009

Recently, mobile technology has become increasingly sophisticated with the new components, the better chips, and a faster processors. But there’s one part of Laptop or Netbook which is the “Achilles heel” – the battery. Operating systems, modern graphics, and various other advanced application rapacious spend your laptop battery every day. The average laptop battery life remains in the range of 3 – 4 hours. Of course, this is still a problem for workers who often travel long distance.Most effective way at this time is to bring some spare batteries in your trip. But, beside this there are at least a few tricks that can help you to save laptop batteries a long time.

  1. Laptop HD defragmentation – Regular defragmentation can help you manage the data to be more efficient and make the hard drive (HD) a little faster to access the data. When HD works quickly, the more you can spare of laptop battery energy.
  2. Turn off High Power Applications – Immediately turn off the background process that is not important. Watch energy use through the Windows Task Manager [Ctrl + Alt + Del]. If you are not using the internet, then your laptop is safe to turn off programs that are not that important to work on the taskbar, such as antivirus and firewall. Run – msconfig – Tab: Startup and remove n the programs that you do not want to launch your laptop and reboot once.
  3. Suspend the Scheduled Tasks – This process can be defragmentation or virus scan, but make sure you schedule an activity at the time you are near the power source. If not, delay or combine alternately between them, to find the time and place to fill the battery.
  4. Unplug External Tools – Tools that use the USB can spent battery power. After use, do notforget to pull out all the external equipment such as mouse, PC card, Wi-Fi, an external speaker, Bluetooth, and even an iPod or iPhone.
  5. Clear Drive CD / DVD – Do not leave a CD / DVD any left in the laptop if it is not used.
  6. Use Local Hardware Equipment – Try not to use an external DVD or other equipment
  7. Remove lights – LCD laptop screen is also one of a battery waster. Configure light level to the lowest level that you can still see by using the Function or use the Display Settings in Control Panel.
  8. Turn off Voters – Turn off the speaker and avoid the use of multimedia software. Sound scheme also spent laptop battery.
  9. Do not Use a Screensaver
  10. Visit the Power Options – Know energy management / power through the application “Power Options” in Control Panel. Both XP and Vista have this advanced feature to turn off components such as monitors and / or HD after specific intervals. “Max Battery” in the Power schemes can be chosen to maximize battery life time.
  11. Use classic style GUI – On Vista, click on the “Desktop – Preferences – Color View – Appearance – Appearance Classic and Basic Windows graphical interface.” On XP, “Display Properties – Theme – Windows Classic”. Linux and Mac have a better system in this case to maintain the battery.
  12. Hibernate is Better of Sleep – On the Stand By mode (or Sleep Mode), the computer will shut off and the HD display but the memory remains active while the CPU slowed. This is of course the battery. Meanwhile, hibernate is better because laptop save all of the conditions and the last off the total to save energy.
  13. Do not run a lot of programs simultaneously – Working with many programs, of course, require more energy. We recommend using only one or two programs you really need at the same time.
  14. Use More RAM – A large capacity RAM can reduce the burden of virtual memory that directly lead to effects on the HD and also lead to spent laptop battery life.
  15. Maintain Hygiene of Your Laptop – Laptops with the dirty air ventilation will be greater heat and with that spent battery (ventilator always work). Clean the air vents on a regular basis to maintain the temperature remains the minimum. Leave the area around the ventilation as much as possible open or empty for easy air circulation.
  16. Avoid Places with High Temperature – As much as possible avoid direct sunlight or other heat places.
  17. Avoid Memory Effect – The battery type Li-Ion does not have this problem. This problem may increase for the battery type Ni-MH. This can be prevented with a charge when the battery is completely empty.
  18. Update Software and Drivers – Usually, the drivers and the latest software is designed to work more efficiently than the previous version.
  19. Use the Right Adapter – Make sure that you use to adapter for your of the original specification or match. The wrong type can lead to overload and damage the battery and your laptop.
  20. Trim Laptops – If you don’t use laptop some time, make sure that the laptop is 40% filled, pull the battery, and store in some dark place.

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