How to install fonts on Ubuntu 9.04, 9.10, 10.04 and 10.10

By Detector | 25 April 2009

You can install various fonts in Ubuntu 9.04, 9.10, 10.04 and 10.10 following the next easy tutorials.

If you want to install Microsoft Windows fonts, open your terminal (Applications/Accessories/Terminal) and enter:

sudo apt-get install ttf-mscorefonts-installer

For Red Hat Liberation fonts use this terminal line: (This fonts are already installed on Ubuntu 10.04)

sudo apt-get install ttf-liberation

If you want to install any other fonts you can get from the net or use your font database follow this steps:

  1. Go to your home folder
  2. Enable “Show Hidden Files” option from Nautilus View menu
  3. Then create new folder with name “.fonts” (with dot in front)
  4. Now in new folder copy all your true type fonts. If you want to copy your Windows fonts, you can find it in WINDOWS/Fonts folder.
  5. Now restart and new fonts will be in use.

This tutorials can be used for installing fonts in Ubuntu 8.10 also.

Check up our new – DetectorPRO tutorial for fine tuning your Ubuntu 9.10 system.

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45 Responses to “How to install fonts on Ubuntu 9.04, 9.10, 10.04 and 10.10”

  1. Thank you. i’ve been looking for something like this.

  2. Jenelle says:

    Thanks. I’m going to try this now.

  3. asylum says:

    instead of restarting, try "sudo fc-cache -f -v" from terminal window

  4. ্রাইন says:

    hey it doesnot work
    i cant create a folder in home!

  5. NewbieLinuc says:

    Obviously you have not admin rights – try: sudo su

  6. Anonymous says:

    Placed the ttfs in .fonts folder and works perfectly on Ubuntu 9.04.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Thank you, it worked great at ubuntu 9.04

  8. Thanks for making my entry into the world of Ubuntu (Linux) so much easier than I had read on posts for older versions of Ubuntu. This was easy on 9.10.

  9. srivatsa says:

    You don't need to restart the machine, just restart the required applications, should show up the installed fonts from the ~/.fonts directory

  10. Guys, Its so simple. Download the file. Right click and Open the .TTF with Font Viewer. Install Option is present there.

  11. ANANTH_S says:

    Thank u so much. now it's working fine.

  12. ANANTH_S says:

    now working fine in all windows fonts. Thanks for your suggestion.

  13. Anonymous says:

    It's working fine. Thanks for your Suggestions

  14. Zoolook says:

    Worked a treat… nice one… as a non commercial DVD author, a selection of fonts is vital for my "customers" various needs/projects.

    Dilip Vamanan… I didn't try your sugestion, as with over 7000 fonts, I figured it would take longer then the originally suggested method… but I reckon for one or two fonts, it probably is a tad quicker and easier!

  15. Kamal says:

    Hey Dilip, I followed your instructions: “”Right click and Open the .TTF with Font Viewer. Install Option is present there.”"

    And it sure was, this was simple, so simple!! ThanX

  16. Ali says:

    Very simple and effective way of installing a lot of fonts at once. I am using Lucid and I didn’t even need to reboot.

  17. em says:

    I followed both of your instructions and my fonts are still not displayed correctly when I go online… Any ideas?

    • Did you see the installed fonts when you use OpenOffice ? If the fonts are properly installed the system will be use it, but there will be differences when you browsing online – depending on site development (what type of fonts are used), so, try few popular sites to see if that is a font issue. Thank you.

      Viktor Ustijanoski
      DetectorPRO editor

  18. Excellent tip, but you forgot to mention that add sources repositories is needed.


  19. Armine says:


    ttf-mscorefonts-installer and a number of Armenian fonts , Does not work. Please advise

  20. sch says:

    It works, Thanks a lot

  21. Geraldo says:

    Awesome ;D

    Great post!

  22. aryan says:

    hey all of u just double click on font n install its so easy way to install fonts

  23. aryan says:

    if it is work give me a feed back

  24. Jithesh says:

    Thank you for the support. Happy New Year

  25. Lauren Vogel says:

    I added Chiller font in Meerkat 10.10

    Download the font .ttf file
    Start Nautilus as administrator: gksudo nautilus – follow prompts for password
    Navigate to /usr/share/fonts/truetype
    copy the font .ttf file into that directory
    Works fine

  26. shiyas says:

    Hi, Thanks a lot…its solved my probs………….

  27. hadi says:

    thanks a lot,one of my problem solved

  28. Heretic says:

    TnX alot, small but usefull tip.

  29. Peter says:

    I tried the instructions (5 steps). It worked very well. Some other comments appear to be useful too, but the instructions are most useful in that they indirectly the beginners the structure of the file system.

    • Peter says:

      I tried the instructions (5 steps). It worked very well. Some other comments appear to be useful too, but the instructions are most useful in that they indirectly teach the beginners the structure of the file system.

  30. Alok Sharma says:

    Thanks a lot. This really helped me out.

  31. Pawan Mishra says:

    thanks Yaar

  32. Krishna says:

    Thank you very muchhh. It worked well.

  33. Heru S. says:

    thanks a lot for the tutorial, finally my maverick has a various fonts.

  34. fbsrosa says:

    Works well. Thank You very much.
    And the comment from asylum:
    instead of restarting, try “sudo fc-cache -f -v” is the cherry upon the cake.

  35. maraxush says:

    or just simple get MC (midnight commander), start it in rout, go into the: ‘usr/share/fonts/’ directory, and you can copy your downloaded fonts into it… then it’s gonna working ×)

  36. ranjith fonseka says:

    works well ! thank u so much

  37. gruslo says:

    At ubuntu 11.04 you have to install the fonts through the console. If you install through Synaptic or Software Center, the installation is not successful: go to home=> share=> fonts=> truetype=> mstt core fonts and you will see a text message to reinstall the package because you did not accept the EULA. But installing through console, the EULA appears and the installation is processing normally.

  38. dayatn says:

    nice see your blog..
    it’s so useful and so awesome..
    so great for everybody…


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