How to install Gnome Global Menu on Ubuntu – easy way

By Detector | 07 April 2009

Gnome Global menu is a gnome panel applet like Mac OS panel, displaying your text window menu ( File, Edit, View…) on top gnome panel, so it saves space, it looks very cool and your desktop is organized. This menu existed earlier like a patch/crack for GTK+ but now the things are really changed. The GTK patch become a simple panel applet with easy installation process.

Gnome Global Menu on UbuntuThe panel applet, once installed, can be added to any GNOME panel as any other applet.

The easiest way to install Gnome Global menu on Ubuntu is with Ubuntu Tweak.

  1. First install Ubuntu Tweak latest version – you can install it with one click by clicking here and choose your Ubuntu version.. After installation you can find Ubuntu tweak on Applications/System Tools/Ubuntu Tweak.
  2. From Ubuntu Tweak right menu choose Applications then Add/Remove
  3. Next, find Gnome-Globalmenu and select for installation and then Apply
  4. After installation you can find Gnome Global menu with right click on the gnome panel and choose Add to Panel
  5. Next find and add Global Menu Panel Applet and that’s it.
  6. Also you can organize your panel with replacing Menu Bar with Main Menu applet and move Global Menu Panel Applet next to Main menu

There is a various ways to install Global menu applet for advanced Linux users, so, for more info check official page.

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9 Responses to “How to install Gnome Global Menu on Ubuntu – easy way”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great article. Only problem is, I installed Ubuntu Tweak (which is a great tool), but there’s no option for Gnome-Globalmenu. Guess I’ll just have to do this the old fashion way. No worries!

  2. Alex says:

    does it work for you? because when i try with ffox, it doesnt
    with some other programs it does

  3. Firefox, and other apps use different rendering engine so it doesn’t work with this programs, but we hope that will be fixed in near feature!

    Viktor Ustijanoski
    DetectorPRO team

  4. Sajib says:

    Hi! I have successfully installed Global menu but I can’t get the menubar at the top panel. Only the title of the running application is shown in the top panel and clicking on it opens a drop down menu containing the menu items. How do I show them like the way you did in your photo in the post?

  5. Craig says:

    Viktor Ustijanoski, a rendering engine is an parser for displaying an interpreted language. Compiled software does not use ANY rendering engine and is not the cause of the problem you describe. Get a fucking clue and start using the correct terminology before you go trying to look smart.

    • Yes, they use different rendering engine – for example Gecko for Firefox so the app menu cannot be extracted by Global Gnome applet for now. Maybe this will be fix in the feature.

  6. Lightman says:

    I did what was instructed to but I can’t find Gnome Global Menu in Application at all… Could anybody help to find it?


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