Nightingale – Songbird fork for Linux

By Viktor Ustijanoski | 08 April 2010

Songbird escape from the community, but not for long, the promising newcomer is already on the road – Nightingale – announced from a former songbird developer, a young computer science student from France.

Becouse Songbird drop Linux support, Nightingale will support Linux first and then other platforms. The sourcecode for this project will be available on Bazaar (bzr). You can check also the newly created forum and wiki for more informations. DetectorPRO wish you a good luck and lot success with this project.

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2 Responses to “Nightingale – Songbird fork for Linux”

  1. LightShow says:

    I would just like to update the current status of the nightingale project. Nightingale has currently split into two different projects it is now AlienBoomBox and Nightingale. The split occurred after nightingales website crashed and the forum database was destroyed. After this crash some members of nightingale broke off to create what is now AlienBoomBox that aspire to generate an online media player similar to grooveshark. The links to both AlienBoomBox and Nightingale are below.

  2. LightShow says:

    Also this split occurred on May 22, 2010, when AlienBoomBox was founded.


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