Adobe released Flash Player 10.1

By Detector | 11 June 2010

Adobe has finally released Flash Player 10.1, a major update of its web media plugin. The most notably and the most criticized and also most wanted change is the implemented GPU hardware acceleration, which can speed up playback, rendering of overlays, filters and other effects. Other improvements include support for dynamic quality during video streaming, dynamic sound generators, and upload/download functions in web apps. Many changes are oriented more towards developers, such as color correction, complex text layouts, easier shape drawing tools and a new voice codec.

This release is available for download for Windows, Linux and also Mac platform – Adobe Flash is much criticized and refused among Mac community and from Mac CEO Steve Jobs, but according to Adobe, this Flash for Mac is stable and runs perfectly on Mac OS X 10.4 or later.

Adobe lost a huge internet and mobile video market as a consequence of imperfect video in flash implementation and non hardware acceleration support, so Flash videos and animations were CPU hungry even on faster machines and non-usable on mobile phones. We hope that this release will enable a smoother playback and tighter community on all computer and mobile platforms.

Download flash from here.

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