Multitouch gestures on linux

By Viktor Ustijanoski | 03 November 2010

Have you ever wanted multi-touch support on your Linux notebook’s touchpad? Well, now you can with Synaptics Gesture Suite, supporting a wide range of Linux-based OS: Fedora, Ubuntu, RedFlag, SuSE, Xandros, Chrome OS etc.. which means that you can now zoom, flick, rotate, scroll any content on your Linux notebook or netbook.

Gesture Suite supports an array of multitouch gestures, including Three-finger Flick to page rapidly through documents; Two-finger Twist and PivotRotate to rotate images; PinchZoom to shrink and enlarge maps, photos, and browser text; ChiralScrolling to continuously scroll through long documents by moving your finger in a spiral; and of course linear scrolling to move up and down (or right and left) in documents.

We know that it will be free, but there is not any mention now of a downloadable update yet, so we hope that update will be available soon by the company itself or by the Linux community.

More info about Synaptics Gesture Suite for Linux here.

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4 Responses to “Multitouch gestures on linux”

  1. Usman says:

    Well this is interesting new suite called synaptics gesture suite for the linux. I think this device will take sometime to get popular among the people

  2. Kevin Morton says:

    well that looks useful, dous it require a special mouse pad?

  3. jonny rocket says:

    i use squinch a lot.


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