Play Blu-ray Movies for Free with DAPlayer

By Detector | 06 December 2010

If you are looking for an easy way to watch Blu-ray and DVD titles or many other multimedia formats, without having to load the household budget by purchasing powerful commercial players, you’ve just found it the right player – DAPlayer. It is able to play whatever comes to your mind – free of charge.

At first look there are almost no differences from many other players. It has a compact and clear interface, it offers more or less traditional options as GOM, BSPlayer, VLC, etc., it is able to reproduce a large number of formats, the one minor feature is that it did not seek for decoders because they are already integrated and update by itself, so in few words: it looks like a player that anyone could wish to have on the computer.

But there is something that DAPlayer definitely stands out, the main reason why it found its place in this article, the fact that it knew to play Blu-ray titles. This is still a major problem for the free players, and especially for those which are open source.

Till now, for those of you who want to watch Blu-ray movies on your computer or notebook, there were no much choice but to purchase a commercial solution such as PowerDVD. With DAPlayer this can be done for free.

DAPlayer with no problem plays commercial titles with BD + and AACS protection, plays the media from made at home industry and also every ripped Blu-ray media from a hard disk.

I think this is enough for you to click on this link: download, bit if you need more information and you are not quite sure that you like to change you current player – click on this link for more features.

Name: DAPlayer
Purpose: Multimedia player with support for Blu-ray
Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7
Size: 12.3 MB
Status: Freeware, FREE
Official site:

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8 Responses to “Play Blu-ray Movies for Free with DAPlayer”

  1. Devian says:

    Thank you DP. I was looking for this kind of free player. Will test it and send you feedback…

  2. Steve Roger says:

    Excellent choice! I was looking for this kind of software few weeks.. Thanks

  3. NewZone says:

    Yes, it is Blu-ray player and it is free. I am using it last month and for sure this player can replace all the others.

    New Guy

  4. Fred says:

    I have been waiting for such a player for 12 months and downloaded daplayer 9.8.3 However I can’t get it to play any blu ray discs. A box comes up stating it is configuring fonts for subtitle display and will take 2-3 minutes but it doesn’t stop. I also had a dialogue box asking to copy and paste a disc ID but it said uvk can’t accept please input again.

  5. Fred says:

    Further to my previous comment, I thought I should add more information. I have an Acer Aspire 5920G laptop which has a built in blu ray player. The laptop came with Vista and Arcade Deluxe which played blu ray discs no problem. When I upgraded the laptop to Windows 7 Arcade would no longer play blu ray discs. I was told I had to buy Cyberlink’s Powerdvd ultra. I downloaded a trial and it worked fine. However I am reluctant to pay another £80 when I have already paid a premium to include blu ray in my laptop. So I thought Daplayer was the answer but as previously stated I can;t get it to work.

  6. helen says:

    Ok, I have a new Laptop which has blu ray. I downloaded this program, but it doesnt seem to use blu ray

  7. ymo1965 says:

    Right click mouse in the player window and a menu appears displaying ‘Play DVD/Blu-Ray’.

    I am in the uk and can confirm i tried it with the Region ‘A’ title ‘Dawn of the Dead’ blu-ray and it played fine (when using Anydvd HD as well). Only thing i have noticed is that this player bypasses menu’s and plays the movie straight away. There seems to be some options that are ghosted or unavailable (i.e Dvd Navigation) so that explains why menu’s don’t appear to work yet. Although this is free, i am hoping they do unlock the navigation option (and a few other options).

    Would pay something if they added Blu-Ray 3D support. This could be all you ever need.

    I tried other commercial programs (corel etc) and nearly all wouldnt play region locked import blu-rays (even with anydvd hd) but this little beauty played them without breaking a sweat. Amazing little player!

  8. Sunil says:

    Thanks God, blu-ray player is free


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