The new iPhone 5 rumored look

By Detector | 27 February 2011

Apple invested nearly $US 4 billion for developing a new technology screen for the new iPhone 5, that will fit in present iPhone 4 housing. So the size of the phone will be the same but the screen compared with the illustrated picture below will be bigger and more pleasurable for work. According to the supplier for the new iPhone 5, the front glass picture is real (posted below). We cannot admit that but from the picture taken we clearly see that the screen size will be large 4 inch.

What else to expect?

As most rumored upgrade is ARM Cortex A9 dual core processor and Power VR SGX graphic core that is almost 40% faster than the present A4 processor unit. The phone from start will support GSM/CDMA standards for easy operating across the Globe. Also the rumors are that iPhone 5 will support NFC (Near Field Communications) that will enable payments with Credit Card or similar payment cards with RFID features on POS devices.

One device for all needed daily things. That will be perfect to see in the feature.

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