Download Internet Explorer 9

By Detector | 15 March 2011

Internet Explorer 9 is ready for download. Microsoft finally released IE 9 for Windows 7 and Vista. Windows XP is not supported even though XP has the biggest market share, more than 55%. Desperate move from Microsoft to gain more Windows 7 sales.

You already know about IE 9 features, and here is a little Internet Explorer history. IE has seen the light for the first time 16 years ago, as a part of Windows 95 OS. Luckily, we forget the old bastard that brings only troubles even up to IE 8, because – Microsoft has decided not to follow the Internet standards and with that they really complicated web developers life. Now, IE9 according to Microsoft, is a proclaimed as a good citizen and it will serve well to the community. The download link is below.

Download Internet Explorer 9

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  1. Looking forward to installing and having a look


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