The new linux kernel is really faster

By Detector | 17 March 2011

The newest linux update, kernel – 2.6.38 features a number of enhancements that should offer a performance boost, particularly in parallel processing like multitasking, databases and other apps that require maximum resources. This kernel has been released only 10 weeks after the previous version, 2.6.37.

Linux 2.6.38 according to Linus Torvalds, comes with deep changes that should speed up the system, including the addition of new technologies such as automatic process grouping and transparent huge pages, and VFS – virtual file system enhancements.

The process-grouping approach will allow applications to divide the processor time more equitably, resulting in improved performance overall. Transparent huge pages increases the cache size for storing frequently consulted memory addresses, called pages. Traditionally, page sizes have been limited to 4KB, but modern processors support more larger sizes. With a larger page size, databases and other heavy workloads can be executed faster than before.

VFS has been made more scalable. Now, multithreaded workloads will be more scalable and single-threaded workloads will be executed faster. The favorite update according to Torvalds is the VFS name lookup change.

Performance enhancements are just a fraction of a new kernel because it brings a number of new features as well, driver updates and bug fixes.

You can expect an update for your Linux OS soon or if you are advanced Linux user you can compile the new kernel by yourself.

More info here.

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