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Ubuntu 11.04 ready for download

By Detector | 28 April 2011


The official release of Ubuntu 11.04 is ready for download on official Ubuntu page. This release is codenamed Natty Narwhal and the major update is new Unity desktop shell, which is designed to improve overall easy...
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Nothing from Google Music Services

By Detector | 18 April 2011

Google problems with music industry have slow down their online music store development. The company has plans for a development of music store similar to iTunes, but at the mean time a little progress has been...
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Perian Quick Time plugin update

By Detector | 15 April 2011


Perian is a must install on every Mac. Why? Becouse it is the swiss army knife for every Quick Time. It empowers Quick Time to play virtually unlimited number of video codecs like AVI, DIVX, FLV,...
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Ubuntu with GNOME again

By Detector | 10 April 2011


Everybody knows that Ubuntu 11.04 will come with Unity (Unity is a compiz plugin) as default desktop environment. But, now, a few weeks before final release, some Ubuntu users are not satisfied with a current Unity...
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Travelers choice: Abroadband connections

By Detector | 10 April 2011

Abroadband mobile broadband sim card. What is it? Why Iā€™m gonna need it? The answer is simple. Whether you are a traveler or a professional, you will need this connection close to you. For a low...
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Nikon D5100 camera – official

By Detector | 05 April 2011


Nikon makes D5100 camera official. The camera has 180 degree variable swiveling LCD with a sharp 921,000-pixel output and a 1,000:1 contrast ratio. Video is the same like D3100 – 1080p 30fps but with additional possibilities...
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