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WordPress Releases ‘Portfolio Vertical’ For Photographers & Designers

By Detector | 25 January 2013


Can you envision a platform that enables the creatively inclined like photographers and designers to exhibit their achievements? Well, WordPress just did that by releasing “Portfolio Vertical” which promises to showcase unique creations and whilst there...
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Introducing Raspberry Pi – A Linux /ARM Based Single Board Computer

By Detector | 22 January 2013


Raspberry Pi is an incredibly small, (no larger than a credit card) computer that has a single board. It was developed in the UK by the Raspberry Foundation with the sole aim of making computer science...
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iPad 4 versus iPad Mini – Apple’s In-House Tablet Combat

By Detector | 15 January 2013


It’s the battle between two devices in the same family and strangely both these gadgets have their own fanfare following them. This is not just because they belong to the Apple brand. It is also because...
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