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Business Benefits of Windows 8

By Detector | 27 March 2013


The long awaited operating system Windows 8 has finally arrived with mind-blowing features. Many have started exploring it on different medias including laptops, tablets, smartphones and others. It is designed to meet the needs of customers...
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Five Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Go for Ubuntu Linux

By Detector | 21 March 2013


Of all reasons to prefer Ubuntu Linux over the mainstream OSs like Windows or Mac OS is they cost a fraction of what the competition is charging users. It you had compared Ubuntu with others; you...
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Twitter’s TweetDeck to Be Retired

By Detector | 21 March 2013

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Twitter is calling off their support for TweetDeck. People have been loving and using TweetDeck apps a lot to manage their Twitter account. When TweetDeck was about to step down from the stage, Twitter gave its...
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Convert PDFs Anywhere, Anytime With Able2Doc PDF to Word Mobile App

By Detector | 20 March 2013


As you know, the capabilities of a smartphone or tablet can be extended endlessly with apps, allowing you to perform the most complex document tasks when you least expect it. We all know the scenario: you...
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HTC One SV Review

By Detector | 01 March 2013


LTE network is rapidly spreading its wings globally gathering support from high and low end devices. The all new HTC One SV stands as a perfect example for this trend. This phone is packed with all...
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