14 Tips How to Become Successful Overachiever

By Detector | 03 September 2014

1. Steal Ideas

You have to steal ideas. You need to discuss your ideas out loudly and don’t care if anyone will steal from you. The ideas are worthless, execution is what matters.

2. Make lists and Keep it organized
You have to make lists all the time, every day, everywhere. Use board, or stickers on your home or office door. It is not a bad thing. Just keep everything listed. It will keep you organized and prepared.

Chaos is bad, so keep you organized.

3. Keep going forward
No matter what happens, no matter a failure, disappointment, a new opportunity will come up – start searching for it immediately.

4. Confident
Speak up about your weak sides or the things that they actually can’t or don’t like to do. This will help you to believe in your straight points and fill you with courage.

5. Training
Constant improvement of knowledge is must. Make sure you get training for everything. Besides the standard forms of training, you have to believe in mentors, and you know that there is always someone smarter than you. Then you try to join forces with this person.

6. Blog
You have to blog and you have to coach as much as you want overachieving. You have to express you words on blog and you should not be afraid of judgment.

7. Healthy
Exercise! You want to live in a world where everyone exercises and eats well, including yourself.

8. Start
You have to start things, and not necessarily finish them. You need to enjoy trying yourself on every field.

9. Risk
Take risks all the time. You should be often stepping out of your comfort zone in the name of achievement. With time, the risk will become comfort zone.

10. Love you
Loving yourself is part of becoming successful. Then someone compliment you you say “I know” instead of “thank you”.

11. Lack trust
You never let someone’s lie ruin your achievements. You know that you worked so hard to come so far and you will never let anyone else stand in the way or ruin that.

12. Help
You have to believe that in life, as much as you give, you will get double the size back. You even help other people become overachievers.

13. Stress
Become comfortable with stress, you need to have this all the time. Find a way to bear with it.

14. Achieving
You have to be addicted to you goals and achievements. You achieve all the time, no matter how big or how important things, you just achieve.

If you accept to settle, you will start feeling useless and meaningless. So – become overachiever!

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