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How to speed up Open Office 3.1 start up??

By Detector | 23 November 2009

I use a lot Open Office Writer and every time I’m frustrated of application launch speed. Here is quick and excellent tutorial of how to speed up all OpenOffice apps: Start Open Office Writer From Tools...
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GIMP will not be included in Ubuntu 10.04

By Detector | 20 November 2009

GIMP was always been in the default Ubuntu OS installation. But from the 10.04 release, Gimp will not be included in the default Ubuntu. This decision was taken at the Ubuntu Developer Summit which is going...
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Google will show Chrome OS on thursday

By Detector | 18 November 2009

Google is ready to show the Chrome OS progress with an event in Thursday at Google’s headquarters. After Google Chief Eric Schmidt resigned from Apple Board because conflict of interests – particularly about Android and the...
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Nokia will acquire Palm

By Detector | 17 November 2009

The rumors begin to circulate again that Nokia will acquire Palm. The similar story was presented on the net in September this year, but since then there are no concrete moves by any company. The last...
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Ardour 2.8.4 released – download now

By Detector | 17 November 2009

DetectorPro tracks every update of Ardour – very powerful, professional and free multitrack/multichannel audio recorder and DAW for Linux and MacOS using ALSA-supported or CoreAudio audio interfaces. It supports up to 32 bit samples, 24+ channels...
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Youtube content in HD 1080p (1920×1080) resolution

By Detector | 17 November 2009

Google’s YouTube service has announced soon availability of YouTube content in full HD 1080p (1920×1080) resolution and the corresponding new player will be available to the users within a few days. The current YouTube content is...
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Windows 7 eats your laptop battery faster than XP

By Detector | 12 November 2009

In Redmond, they probably have headache again and they cannot believe how Windows XP can’t die even when Windows 7 is out. Instead of going in the stars – XP is still living in many computers...
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Use your Ubuntu 9.10 background as Xsplash boot and login background

By Detector | 10 November 2009

This script that I found on is something that I’ve always wanted – the same booting background as my selected desktop wallpaper. And every time I’ve change the wallpaper I want changes to my booting...
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How to install Google Chromium on Ubuntu 9.10

By Detector | 09 November 2009

Google Chromium is Linux version of Google Chrome. It’s fast, secure and very simple to install and use. This Google browser is native Linux app and is build from scratch not using wine like Google Picasa...
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MacOS 10.6.2 kills support for Intel Atom

By Detector | 03 November 2009

Apple continues its fight against increasing number of hackintosh community, particularly the growing part devoted to modification of the Atom netbooks machines. Apple will upgrade the upcoming Snow Leopard 10.6.2 to exclude the possibility of successful...
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Windows 7 – battery killer

By Detector | 03 November 2009

In Redmond cannot believe that Windows XP cannot seem to die yet. Instead, XP still live on their computers and blogs and forums on the web and in some segments continue to show better performance than...
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10 things to do after installing Ubuntu 9.10

By Detector | 02 November 2009

Updated tutorial: Changed DVD install terminal command at category 4. Ubuntu 9.10 is excellent, it has improvements in every field, it is faster, more responsive, the effects are smoother, the apps installation easiest than ever )...
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Easy Install 65+ empathy chat themes on Ubuntu

By Detector | 02 November 2009

To install new chat themes first download the themes .deb file from here. Install it with double click and then follow the next easy tutorial. You must copy the installed themes on your home folder. Here...
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