Remove Windows 7 Genuine Advantage Notification

By Detector | 21 June 2010

If your Windows 7 is not licensed it is very possible to get the Microsoft update in form of WGA Notification – Windows Genuine Advantage Notification or GENUINE warning. If you are infected with these warnings – your windows updates will be terminated until you license the product and there will be startup warnings that you must license the system. Also you background will gone and WGA watermark will be inserted remaining you all the time that your Windows is not licensed.

So, how to remove these warnings? In Windows XP we do that with simple registry modification – check here, but for Windows 7 we found excellent tool that will remove WGA permanently.

The tool is called removeWAT and you can download it here. This tool removes WAT (Windows Activation Technologies) completely from the OS, whilst still retaining genuine status and receiving all critical and optional updates from Microsoft. After installation, you can also pass the genuine check in Windows Defender.

After downloading the patch, copy the file to the C: disk and before launching you must have Administrator rights. After patching your system by clicking remove WAT, restart and live happy and free.

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12 Responses to “Remove Windows 7 Genuine Advantage Notification”

  1. now see, this sort of stuff really doesn’t make sense

  2. Ivan says:

    Wonderful!…thanks a lot ,been trying whole day to fix it now I can relax.Can I really go for updates?Once bitten twice shy you know.

  3. systd says:

    even better,i found a loader that does the same thing so i don’t need remove wat but i keep it just in case…..

  4. ASIF ALI says:

    thanks for tip

  5. baagii says:

    windows 7 genuine remover download

  6. anshad says:

    i cant download dat tool from that site , wen i clicked it will not loading at all …. please help me to go forward…… :)

  7. jahani says:

    I’ve been exploring the web for a possible tool that would remove Windows Not Genuine Notification on my computer and fortunately, I came across this site. Thank you so much Viktor Ustijanoski for recommending/sharing Remove WAT tool. It did remove the irritating notification! Thank you again! Keep the spirit of sharing alive!

  8. Admin says:

    This really worked on my system also. While downloading I was thinking it may be a malware or something but after scanning I got a go from my anti virus and after that I executed this wonderful application and it actually removed that nasty message from my desktop and also the dialog box which was coming after login in the system.

    Thanks for such a great tool.

    System Admin

  9. BOB says:

    i cant download dat tool from that site , wen i clicked it will not loading at all …. please help me to go forward…… :)


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