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GMail Telephony Service – One Milion Calls Per Day

By Detector | 27 August 2010

Google has announced that its new service which will provide the telephone call directly from Gmail successfully started and the first day was achieved more than a million calls.
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Gnash Flash Player 0.88 released

By Detector | 24 August 2010

Gnash – or GNU Flash Player 0.88 has been released recently. Gnash is an open-source Flash player. With this latest release, they have made a great leap by supporting all YouTube videos. This means that you...
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Open source is used in 98% companies

By Detector | 18 August 2010

According to researching of Zenoss Company, almost 98% of large companies in their business are using products based on open source code. The study lasted 4 years and also shows that they are changes in general...
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Hawking’s advice – colonization or extinction

By Detector | 11 August 2010

Renowned astrophysicist and scientist Stephen Hawking has a few minutes of his thoughts about the feature of humanity on Big Think web page. In short, the expansion of humanity into space and colonization of other planets...
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Everything About DHCP Services and Tools

By Detector | 09 August 2010

What’s DHCP? DHCP is a critical “must have” network service because using DHCP helps you, as a System/Network Administrator, to manage you clients by assigning, tracking and re-assigning IP addresses. Imagine that you’re working as a...
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How to install Starcraft 2 on Linux with Wine

By Detector | 02 August 2010

Recently I found this excellent Starcraft 2 installation tutorial for linux, so the show must go on again. Click on the link to see entire how to post from the source author. Have fun playing Starcraft...
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