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Garmin Mobile for Blackberry

By Detector | 15 July 2011


Garmin Mobile is navigator application for mobile phones. Garmin includes everything you need — maps, millions of POIs and easy-to-use navigation software. Here you can find install instructions and download of cracked version for Blackberry Bold...
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Google plus (Google+) Shortcuts and Cheatsheets Disclosed

By Detector | 14 July 2011


As Google+ become social network which connect Facebook and Twitter features you should find some fast way to work within this site faster using shortcuts and cheatsheets. We have found some list of useful shortcuts and...
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Watch YouTube Video’s Together with Friends in Google+ Hangout

By Detector | 13 July 2011


One of the best ways for watch video with your friend is Google+ Hangout. While watching videos you are also able to chat with your friend and group. You can use Hangout for watching YouTube videos...
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.tel Domain, How to Register It and Benefits

By Detector | 11 July 2011

The .tel concept enables the user to store, update and publish contact information, web links and keywords directly on the Internet under a unique domain name. Simple, fast and accessible from any device (from a PC...
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How to Move Your Facebook Photos To Google Plus (Google+)

By Detector | 11 July 2011


If you are Moving from Facebook to Google+ you should move also all your photos and albums from Facebook to Google+.
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Android Cloud Music Players – Which should I choose?

By Detector | 04 July 2011


Cloud - the latest trend in music industry. In this article we will try to describe few cloud services and which of them will serve you best on you Android. When talking about Android Music Players,...
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How to Import Facebook Friends Into Google Plus (Google+)

By Detector | 01 July 2011


Google announce its longtime rumored competitor of Facebook competitor Google Plus. This service is similar like Facebook News Feed, it allows users to share photos, videos, links or their location with friends. And there is a...
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