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How to get back missing Windows OS from the Grub boot menu

By Detector | 30 April 2008

If your Linux OS was installed before you Windows OS, Linux Grub boot loader will not show Windows OS in his menu. To back or to show your missing Windows OS option in Grub boot menu...
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How to install or restore Grub after formating boot partition

By Detector | 29 April 2008

If you have problems with your Linux grub installation(missing OS, not showing grub list, etc) after formating boot partition on your computer, you need to reinstall grub application. Here is the tip how you can do...
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How to install Google Earth on Ubuntu Linux

By Detector | 29 April 2008

Download Google Earth from this URL: You can install it through terminal or with your Linux GUI. With GUI:Go to the download folder or on desktop (or destination where you download the file): 1. Right...
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Increase site traffic, Technorati and Backlinks with 4 simple tips

By Detector | 27 April 2008

This post consist four quick tips about increasing site traffic, Backlinks and Technorati ranking for your site. Those tips are basic rules that every blogger, web publisher or site owner should follow to have success with...
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Use your blog to sell your services and products

By Detector | 26 April 2008

Recently, I got an email from one newbie internet marketer. He is looking for the best way to sell his services and products thru internet. I will give him my answer with this post. On the...
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Adjusting System Restore disc usage in Vista

By Detector | 25 April 2008

Windows System Restore in XP saves me several times. I notice that it allocates far too much of the drive, however. In Windows XP there is a slider-bar to adjust the amount of disk space used...
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Software for recording your desktop activity into video file

By Detector | 22 April 2008

Detector detect very interesting and useful free video software developed by NCH Software. If you like to record your desktop screen activity to standard video files, use this interesting tool called Debut video recorder. Debut runs...
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Transfer money from AlertPay to PayPal and vice versa

By Detector | 21 April 2008

If you like to transfer your funds from PayPal to AlertPay and vice versa you will notice that transfer between those two accounts it is not possible on the usual way. PayPal don’t support transfers to...
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Create your own toolbar with few simple steps

By Detector | 19 April 2008

Recently I found interesting web tool for easy creation of toolbar for your Blog or Site. Conduit is a development company which provides a web based custom toolbar building wizard which lets you create toolbars for...
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How to earn money for searching the internet

By Detector | 19 April 2008

How is this possible? It’s possible with service. Well known search providers such as Google, Ask, & Yahoo receive advertising revenue from many of the companies featured in their search results. By replacing your browser’s...
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Get unlimited online storage to access your files everywhere with Gspace

By Detector | 15 April 2008

If you struggling with low DISC/DVD/CD space to storage your files, videos, music etc, you may consider about storage your data on independent medium online. That storage medium is Gmail. Yes, Gmail offer unlimited storage space...
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How to Increase Google Pagerank with 7 simple tips

By Detector | 15 April 2008

Everyone wants to increase Google Pagerank and Backlinks of their sites and blogs because the higher your Pagerank is, more your blog or site is worth. I start with blogging at December 2007, and, at that...
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What is AdBrite program, How to use it, How to earn money from it

By Detector | 10 April 2008

AdBrite is a well established Ad marketplace that offers publishers with a number of ways to monetize their websites. These include CPCs, CPMs, In-Line Ads, Video Ads, Full Page Ads and also an option for advertisers...
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How to fix Firefox memory leak problem

By Detector | 09 April 2008

Recently, I have very big problem with my Firefox browser. Few minutes after starting of Firefox application, my Firefox become too slow for surfing, all open applications freeze for two or three seconds after every my...
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What is Chitika and How to use Chitika Products to earn money

By Detector | 08 April 2008

I never hope that I will earn money from Chitika services and products because I never promote this service with big enthusiasm as my other money making programs. But, before two days I noticed a big...
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Google, Apple and Sony secret plans

By Detector | 07 April 2008

All of you know that Google always have new interesting ideas hidden in his pocket. Those guys from Google after creating of wonderful search engine with impulsion architecture, unique search algorithms, and simplify design, never sleeps....
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6 Useful Firefox tricks for faster browsing

By Detector | 04 April 2008

Firefox is the best browser with a lot of extension, themes and plugins which helps users in exploring the internet network. In Firefox browser you can find a lot of features like live bookmarks, pop-up blocker,...
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How to make money online with an

By Detector | 03 April 2008 is the world’s largest online retailer. They have specific program which allows you to share their profits. The Amazon Associate Program (Amazon marketing program) compensates consumers for referring customers to You link your website...
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How to improve your wireless network performance

By Detector | 02 April 2008

If you are connected to wireless network and you like to extend the range of wireless network, or you have some problems with weak signal or slow/variable connection, this is the right post for you. Those...
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Ashop Commerce shopping cart software review

By Detector | 01 April 2008

As you already know, internet is the biggest buy/sell market. A lot of people used to sell their products and services on the Internet. Internet marketers know that the shoppers from home become high percent of...
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