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6 Best Microsoft Office Alternatives for Mac OS X

By Detector | 28 October 2010

You might want variety. You might want to avoid the bloatware associated with MS Office. You might not want to pay for licensing on the Microsoft Office suite. Whatever the reason, you need to have a...
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Apple again delays start of selling of the white iPhone 4

By Detector | 28 October 2010


Apple again delays start of selling the white iPhone version 4 for spring next year. The news was officially confirmed by Apple spokeswoman Trudy Muller
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The lion’s appetite for Apple Mac OSx Lion

By Detector | 27 October 2010


Slide which was shown last year at the presentation of the new Apple operating system Mac OS X 10.6, popularly known as Snow Leopard, the number 0 which was printed below the innovation list are used...
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Google mistakenly collect private data

By Detector | 25 October 2010


Google admit on its official blog that they mistakenly collected unprotected Wi/Fi data, password and other personal info using their Street View cars recording streets data for Google Street View service. In fact, besides photographing the...
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9 Apps for Printing From Your Android Phone

By Detector | 21 October 2010

Your Android goes with you everywhere. You carry almost as much information on the phone as you do on your desktop. You occasionally want prints of your email, documents, and photos, but need the right app....
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Add Zimbra to the Ubuntu messaging menu

By Detector | 14 October 2010


Zimbra is open source email and collaboration suite that is used personal or for businesses. In the last version Zimbra integrates with Facebook, Twitter, Google Apps and other social services. Also it works on every platform...
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Disable or turn off all Facebook apps at once

By Detector | 09 October 2010


If you are bombarded with application spam on your Facebook profile, now you can control every app with the new Facebook’s privacy settings. You can disable or turn off multiple applications or all applications at once....
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Windows Phone 7 Confirmed for October 11

By Detector | 05 October 2010


Microsoft officially confirmed the presentation date of Windows Phone 7. Presentation is announced on 11th October in New York, and the whole program will run Microsoft chief Steve Ballmer. Apart from Microsoft, there are announcements for...
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Google reinvents picture compression format

By Detector | 02 October 2010

Google introduce a new image compression format called WebP (pronounced as “weppy”). The dominant picture formats used on the net today are GIF, JPEG and PNG. This more than a decade developed picture compression formats are...
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