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How to block Youtube videos using Squid proxy Server on Ubuntu

By Detector | 29 November 2010

YouTube is number one headache for companies and for networks administrators. It distracts the employees from their daily tasks with negative influence on company productivity and also take a big amount of internet bandwidth so working...
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9 Inventive Ways to Overcome Office Boredom

By Detector | 23 November 2010


Boredom is a difficult condition to understand, buts its effects on your life and on your career are real. The lack of interest in your job and the difficulty you have concentrating on your work can...
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Install Compiz 0.9.2 on Ubuntu 10.10

By Detector | 20 November 2010


Do you know what is compiz? What about the effect window manager for your Gnome Linux or Ubuntu system? It comes with your Ubuntu installation and adds fancy effects to your windows and desktop for better...
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Web hosting and how to make right choice?

By Detector | 14 November 2010

Finding the right hosting site where each webmaster could put and maintain the web site is the hardest task. There are a lot of hosting companies all over the world which offer their services with different...
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How To Make Your Printer Ink Last Longer: 5 Tips

By Detector | 12 November 2010


You probably already know that printing out college papers, grocery lists, or images is not cheap. Many people never realize this until the ink has run out and you’re faced with the exorbitant expense of purchasing...
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Don’t Drink and Facebook

By Detector | 09 November 2010


Nothing good happens online after 1am. Maybe you have a weekend party and regrettably send a Facebook message to your ex who broke your heart? Or Twitt to everybody how much you hate your boss or...
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Panasonic Lumix DMC GF2 – Camera That We Like

By Detector | 04 November 2010


Panasonic unveiled the awaiting GF1 successor – Lumix DMC GF2. This Micro Four Thirds camera is the lightest and one of the smallest interchangeable lens camera in the world and is 19% smaller than previous GF1...
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Multitouch gestures on linux

By Detector | 03 November 2010


Have you ever wanted multi-touch support on your Linux notebook’s touchpad? Well, now you can with Synaptics Gesture Suite, supporting a wide range of Linux-based OS: Fedora, Ubuntu, RedFlag, SuSE, Xandros, Chrome OS etc.. which means...
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