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The new iPhone 5 rumored look

By Detector | 27 February 2011


Apple invested nearly $US 4 billion for developing a new technology screen for the new iPhone 5, that will fit in present iPhone 4 housing. So the size of the phone will be the same but...
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Google against low quality sites – content farms

By Detector | 25 February 2011


Google has announced a major algorithmic change to its search engine, subtle and unnoticeable to many users, which will dramatically improve the quality of Google’s search results. With this move, Google is targeting content farms –...
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DetectorPRO with a Google page rank 3 again

By Detector | 24 February 2011


We are announcing today that gets Google page rank 3. The same happened at 2008 when gets PR 3 but after a half a year it loses it without any explanation from Google. From...
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By Detector | 23 February 2011


Linux users has wait too long to get legally streaming content on their computers. Netflix, Cinemanow and other strictly forbid anything other than Mac and Win. But, recognized the potential of growing Linux market and...
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Why Nokia leaves MeeGo platform?

By Detector | 18 February 2011


Last week Nokia, the world’s largest phone maker by volume, unveils plans to make Microsoft’s Windows mobile its primary software in the competition for smartphone customers. The company is competing against Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android...
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iPhone Nano

By Detector | 14 February 2011


Apple is preparing a small model of their mega popular iPhone. iPhone is dominating smartphone for a last few years, but the lead position is slightly overtaken by android platform so to keep the lead position...
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9 Steps for Standing Out in Your Office

By Detector | 11 February 2011

With unemployment high, office environments are more competitive than ever. Those who don’t demonstrate their value to their employer will be the first ones out the door: that’s just the way it is. In tough work...
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New Fring for Android

By Detector | 06 February 2011


Fring released an major update for Android based smartphones with a many improvements for video calls, voice calls and chatting. Now you can have better cross platforms (Android, iPhone and Symbian) connection. So what’s new? NEW...
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Intel recalls Sandy Bridge chipsets due to SATA error

By Detector | 01 February 2011

Intel announced that its 6-series chipset for the Sandy Bridge processors released earlier has a serious flaw and that the company is recalling and replacing the affected parts. The chipsets, which provide PCI Express, USB, and...
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