What you should choose – iPad or MacBook Air?

By Detector | 15 December 2010


The iPad is a consumption and connection device. With iPad you have easy access to internet, email, YouTube, games, Facebook and e-books this is where to start looking. On the other side MacBook Air is a...
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Investments: Apple is investing in the production of LCD’s

By Detector | 14 December 2010


Toshiba is building a new factory for production of LCD screens worth 1.2 billion U.S. dollars, but apparently Toshiba is not alone in that investment. In fact, according to Japanese newspaper Nikkei, reported by Reuters, Apple...
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Google Docs adapted for iPad is available

By Detector | 13 December 2010


Google has announced that it has available a new version of Google Docs, specially adapted for the iPad. Unlike the recently developed versions for smartphones, this edition of the iPad has much more features. On the...
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Storing passwords, log-ins and other private information in one place with 1Password

By Detector | 13 December 2010


Do you need of a program that will run on Windows or Mac, including newest gadget iPad/iPhone, and will allow you to record information for your different offices, computers and application which you use for your...
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6 Best Microsoft Office Alternatives for Mac OS X

By Detector | 28 October 2010

You might want variety. You might want to avoid the bloatware associated with MS Office. You might not want to pay for licensing on the Microsoft Office suite. Whatever the reason, you need to have a...
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Apple again delays start of selling of the white iPhone 4

By Detector | 28 October 2010


Apple again delays start of selling the white iPhone version 4 for spring next year. The news was officially confirmed by Apple spokeswoman Trudy Muller, but this time she does not reveal the reasons for delay,...
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The lion’s appetite for Apple Mac OSx Lion

By Detector | 27 October 2010


Slide which was shown last year at the presentation of the new Apple operating system Mac OS X 10.6, popularly known as Snow Leopard, the number 0 which was printed below the innovation list are used...
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HyperDock – extend your Apple dock functionality

By Detector | 27 September 2010


HyperDock adds Windows 7 style thumbnails to the Mac OS X dock, so you can select any open single application window just by moving the mouse on a dock item and select that window. This is...
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iPhone or iPad User has Insaine Interest for Money

By Detector | 05 September 2010

The survey conducted on 20000 iPhone and iPad users shows that typical user of these devices is aggressive, arrogant and hunger for power. According this survey could be created profile of the person which has possessed...
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New Apple TV

By Detector | 02 September 2010

Never popular Apple TV is fully redesigned. The device is much smaller than the predecessor, packed in black casing and it has the new Apple’s A4 ARM processor. Network connectivity includes WiFi and a 100-MBit Ethernet....
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