The new iPhone 5 rumored look

By Detector | 27 February 2011


Apple invested nearly $US 4 billion for developing a new technology screen for the new iPhone 5, that will fit in present iPhone 4 housing. So the size of the phone will be the same but...
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iPhone Nano

By Detector | 14 February 2011


Apple is preparing a small model of their mega popular iPhone. iPhone is dominating smartphone for a last few years, but the lead position is slightly overtaken by android platform so to keep the lead position...
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Google weather for Android and iPhone

By Detector | 25 January 2011


Google surprise again, with the Google weather search for Android and iPhone users. In Google search, widget or you just need to enter “weather” without quotes and google in real time based on your location...
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The all time most popular apps for iPhone and iPad

By Detector | 20 January 2011


Apple has recently published the all time most popular app list for iPhone and iPad. The list is consisted of most download free and payable apps: Most popular payable apps for iPhone: Doodle Jump Tap Tap...
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Steve Jobs Taking Leave of Absence for medical reasons

By Detector | 17 January 2011

Apple CEO Steve Jobs is once again taking a leave of absence from the company for medical reasons. Earlier today, Jobs sent the absence e-mail, according to the Apple statement: Team, At my request, the board...
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Qualcomm in new iPhone and iPad?

By Detector | 16 January 2011


According to Engadget trusted sources, Apple in new iPhone 5 and iPad 2 will use Qualcomm chipset instead of Infineon solutions for mobile communications. There is rumor that already iPhone 4 for Verizon is based on...
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Welcome to the Mac App Store

By Detector | 07 January 2011


Apple’s concept of online app store for iPhone and iPad made a revolution for mobile users and even more for app developers. On this app store, each application must be checked by Apple to meet the...
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Download Skype 3.0 for iPhone with video calls

By Detector | 30 December 2010


Last week Skype announced planned video support for iPhone at next month’s Consumer Electronics Show, but this week video capable skype is already on app store ready for download. The newest Skype update enables iPhone video...
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Sony Playstation on Android and iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod)

By Detector | 20 December 2010


Sony has announced the official launch of the PlayStation applications for Android and iOS (iPad, iPhone, Android). In version 1.0 users will be able to access the PlayStation Network, and be updated with the activities and...
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Migrate Thunderbird accounts between Windows, Linux or Mac

By Detector | 17 December 2010


One of the best features of Mozilla Thunderbird is multi-platform usability. You will ask, what’s this mean for me? Well, you can use Thunderbird on any platform – Windows, Linux, Mac without loosing your accounts, mails,...
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