Intel Moorestown without Windows support

By Detector | 07 June 2010

Microsoft and Windows are depressed from Intel announce last days, when Intel spokesman Claudine Mangano said that the new processor Atom Z600 (Moorestown) will never support Windows OS. Although, the chips will be x86 architecture, they...
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TimeSheet – record your work time

By Detector | 29 May 2010

If you are project developer or freelancer, TimeSheet is excellent tool for you. It’s a time recording tool, that works on Windows platform. The app will keep track of the spent hours on each task and...
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Change Windows 7 Explorer Startup location

By Detector | 17 May 2010

If you migrate from Windows XP or Vista to Windows 7, you have noticed that windows explorer default open path is set to Libraries. That’s unusual for XP and Vista users, so if you accessing to...
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Skype and Yahoo messenger worms – warning

By Detector | 09 May 2010

Security experts found a new spread of computer viruses in messages in the Yahoo Messenger and Skype. Messages contain links that mimic picture files. It comes with question: Does my new hair style look good? bad?...
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Migrate your Thunderbird from XP to Windows 7

By Detector | 05 May 2010

You are migrating from Windows XP to Windows 7 and you are stuck with your mail client: How to transfer all your mails, attachments, contacts, account settings and plugins to the new Windows 7? Well, that’s...
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Seavus Project Planner 1.3 released

By Detector | 23 April 2010

Seavus Project Planner is project management software to plan and track projects, resources and costs. This is a desktop project management software capable to plan and track projects, manage resources and track project costs.The software allows...
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Set up Thunderbird to place your replies above quotes

By Detector | 20 April 2010

If you are using Thunderbird as your mail client, when you set up account the default settings for replay mail are – set the message below the quote or replayed mail. That’s strange because when you...
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Few lifesaver tricks for Windows virus protection

By Detector | 12 April 2010

Note: First install some good Antivirus software and enable your Windows firewall. Also make regular updates for your system. If you don’t have this features installed and activated every additional Virus protection is useless. Here is...
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MS Office and Chemistry

By Detector | 25 March 2010

Microsoft released a plugin for Office 2007 and 2010, which should facilitate the work with chemical labels, formulas and images in the documents. The plugin is called Chem4Word and it was developed with tight collaboration of...
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Windows 7 XP Mode without hardware virtualization

By Detector | 19 March 2010

Microsoft announced that XP mode on Windows 7 can be used without hardware virtualization with a new system update. This update will work only on Windows 7 Enterprise, Professional and Ultimate. Until now, XP Mode on...
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