Play Blu-ray Movies for Free with DAPlayer

By Detector | 06 December 2010


If you are looking for an easy way to watch Blu-ray and DVD titles or many other multimedia formats, without having to load the household budget by purchasing powerful commercial players, you’ve just found it the...
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HTC HD7 with Windows 7 has problem with signal reception

By Detector | 05 December 2010


Many proud owners of HTC’s Windows 7 Phone device HD7 report problems with signal reception. The phenomenon is very similar to the iPhone 4, or – signal strength depends on how the user holds the device....
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Animation software for professional animations with minimum effort – Illusion Mage

By Detector | 03 December 2010


Have you always wanted to create your own animations or 3D Games? Architects, Animators, Professional or amateur Movie makers and other folk,s with Illusion Mage you can produce animations and models like Pixar or Walt Disney...
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Everything About DHCP Services and Tools

By Detector | 09 August 2010

What’s DHCP? DHCP is a critical “must have” network service because using DHCP helps you, as a System/Network Administrator, to manage you clients by assigning, tracking and re-assigning IP addresses. Imagine that you’re working as a...
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Adobe Flash with 3D

By Detector | 12 July 2010

Adobe Systems has started to work to bring 3D to its Flash platform, and will preview the technology at the company’s upcoming developer conference in October. A future version of Flash will be capable of playing...
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Save Your Time by Using Microsoft Word or OpenOffice Shortcuts

By Detector | 25 June 2010

Do you know that time spent on a particular program which we use in everyday work as Microsoft Word, and using only your mouse for commands, can be significantly decreased if you use Word with keyword...
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VLC Media Player 1.1.0 released – no SHOUTcast

By Detector | 22 June 2010

VLC Media Player, one of the lead cross platform multimedia player is released in new version – 1.1.0. The new release has hardware video acceleration for smooth HD video on all platforms, WebM video support and...
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Remove Windows 7 Genuine Advantage Notification

By Detector | 21 June 2010

If your Windows 7 is not licensed it is very possible to get the Microsoft update in form of WGA Notification – Windows Genuine Advantage Notification or GENUINE warning. If you are infected with these warnings...
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Adobe released Flash Player 10.1

By Detector | 11 June 2010

Adobe has finally released Flash Player 10.1, a major update of its web media plugin. The most notably and the most criticized and also most wanted change is the implemented GPU hardware acceleration, which can speed...
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Save Time with Windows Shortcuts While Driving Around Your Desktop

By Detector | 08 June 2010

If you’re looking to work more efficiently in Microsoft Windows, any version, the computer shortcuts will be real help for you. DetectorPRO will try to provide you universal computer shortcuts for some of most usable Windows...
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