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time Edition – Tracking your projects time hours

By Detector | 28 October 2009

If you work on some project and have issues for successful tracking of your work hours, it’s time to get timeEdition software. TimeEdition is targeted at all users in a computer workplace who value detailed documentation...
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The hardest task of every webmaster and how to solve it

By Detector | 26 October 2009

The hardest task of every webmaster is the first – finding the right hosting site where he could put and maintain his/her web site. There are a lot of hosting companies all over the world which...
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Symbian is now Open Source

By Detector | 23 October 2009

Symbian has announced that the kernel of their popular Symbian OS will now be open source. Currently, Symbian OS is the most popular mobile operating system and is widely used by Nokia phones and other smart...
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Cannabis for iPhone and iPod

By Detector | 21 October 2009

The team gathered around the site released an application for iPhone and iPod with name Cannabis, and Apple approve it for distribution on AppStore. The application is quite unique and as you can infer from...
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Facebook upgrade their servers

By Detector | 20 October 2009

Recently, Facebook social network announced more than a 300 million users, while new trends show no decrease in popularity in the coming months. However, very small percent of facebook users thinks about the logistics that stays...
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How to check battery status on Ubuntu

By Detector | 17 October 2009

Ubuntu provides you with the proc filesystem from you can get very useful information’s for your system. If you need info for your battery, you can found at /proc/acpi/battery folder. If you use only one laptop...
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The Fastest Hard Disk on the World – Sun Flashfire

By Detector | 15 October 2009

Sun claims that they have the fastest network disk system FlashFire. It is a 2TB capacity device that is mounted in a standard network racks, and according to the official statement the speed is 1.6 million...
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Shared folders in Google Docs

By Detector | 14 October 2009

Although Google Docs before allows document sharing among users, from Monday started new service which allows sharing of folders also. In this way, by setting access rights to the shared folder, and define access rights to...
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Easy Install WordPress on your Windows

By Detector | 14 October 2009

For easiest WordPress windows installation you can use Microsoft’s Web Platform Installer and with a few clicks, you will be running a full WordPress blog on your computer without doing any complex stuff. Microsoft Web Platform...
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Windows 8 in 128–bit variant in 2012?

By Detector | 14 October 2009

Microsoft eagerly awaited starting sale of Windows 7 in 22nd October, and initially (like Vista) in 32-bit and 64-bit versions. At the same time, 64-bit version take more and more users from the “ordinary” users, so...
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Firefox 3.6 Works With The Accelerometer

By Detector | 14 October 2009

If you own a notebook or handheld device equipped with accelerometers, which are more common part of these PCs, the new Firefox 3.6 will be able to use that part of the equipment. The new version...
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How to put music on Facebook

By Detector | 13 October 2009

If you are fan of Facebook and you would like to put a song with your profile, be alerted for concerts and new releases by the artists you enjoy, see what music and concerts your friends...
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Blaze Smart Launcher – Unique Desktop Experience

By Detector | 13 October 2009

At first glance, acting as just another tool for a faster start of applications and programs, but after a short testing becomes clear that despite the very early release, offers more than many other similar Utilities...
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HTC HD2 – HTC Sense

By Detector | 08 October 2009

HTC from yesterday was richer with another mobile device – HTC HD2. It is a mobile phone based on gigahertz Snapdragon, and operating system Windows Mobile 6.5. Interface is based on the HTC Sense which with...
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New Windows 7 Tablet From Gateway

By Detector | 07 October 2009

Specifications and official photos of the new tablet from gateway leak out. According to Engadget, a tablet with mark EC18T will come with Windows 7, will have a screen with diagonal of 11.6 inches, which can...
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New Multitouch input from Apple

By Detector | 04 October 2009

Apple recently patented a new multitouch input method that looks like Star Trek starship – Enterprise. The patent describes a large multitouch-enabled surface that will allow input of all ten fingers at once, plus palms and...
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