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YouTube – new subscription bar feature

By Detector | 29 July 2010

YouTube has added a new subscription bar feature. The subscription bar is located at the bottom of the page and you can open it bringing the cursor near it while you are previewing subscribed videos. The...
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Ubuntu Tweak 0.5.5 released

By Detector | 27 July 2010

A new version of Ubuntu Tweak is ready for download. Ubuntu Tweak 0.5.5 now comes integrated with PPA Purge. PPA Purge allows you to easily remove those extra PPA’s you might have added. You might want...
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Symbian^4 is expected late this year

By Detector | 18 July 2010

Symbian Foundation released a few pictures of the new mobile operating system Symbian ^ 4 with newly designed fresh UI. The UI still support more home screens with widgets, but now is possible to sort the...
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Adobe Flash with 3D

By Detector | 12 July 2010

Adobe Systems has started to work to bring 3D to its Flash platform, and will preview the technology at the company’s upcoming developer conference in October. A future version of Flash will be capable of playing...
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Install Gimp – single window

By Detector | 07 July 2010

Do you like Gimp single idea window interface? GIMP promises to do that with 2.8 release to make Photoshop users feel more at home. While we are waiting the new version, we can install the latest...
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Beautiful Ubuntu 10.04 themes

By Detector | 06 July 2010

If you like amazing Ubuntu 10.04 – look no further. Try Bisigi – theme collection. To install the Bisigi themes follow the next steps: Open the Terminal (Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal) and add the Bisigi...
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Opera browser 10.60

By Detector | 02 July 2010

Opera software has released the newest Opera – 10.6 that brings more speed, bug fixes, HTML 5 support and malware protection in form of AVG Web Threat Data Feed against viruses. The biggest news in this...
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