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Firefox 4 for Android

By Detector | 30 March 2011


A week after the launch of Firefox 4 for PC, the mobile version of the popular browser is ready for download for Android based phones. According to Mozilla, Firefox for Android uses a lot of components...
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Big companies with a hacked fraudulent SSL

By Detector | 25 March 2011


A major issuer of secure socket layer (SSL) certificates acknowledged last week on March 15th, 2011 that it had issued 9 fraudulent SSL certificates to seven Web domains, including those for, and following...
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Install Firefox 4 on Ubuntu

By Detector | 23 March 2011


Firefox 4 is released, it’s more than a 6x times faster from the older version, has a complete UI overhaul, new features, improve stability and many more. Read more about Firefox 4 features here. Windows user...
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The new linux kernel is really faster

By Detector | 17 March 2011

The newest linux update, kernel – 2.6.38 features a number of enhancements that should offer a performance boost, particularly in parallel processing like multitasking, databases and other apps that require maximum resources. This kernel has been...
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Download Internet Explorer 9

By Detector | 15 March 2011


Internet Explorer 9 is ready for download. Microsoft finally released IE 9 for Windows 7 and Vista. Windows XP is not supported even though XP has the biggest market share, more than 55%. Desperate move from...
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Chrome 10 is here, IE 9 next week, Firefox 4?

By Detector | 10 March 2011


Google release a new stable release of the Chrome Web browser one week before official IE9 launch date. The new version introduces more JavaScript performance enhancements, a eye blink fast page rendering, new plug-in security features,...
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Win $25,000 from Paypal integration on your Android App

By Detector | 06 March 2011


Paypal call all developers on contest for PayPal integration on an Android App, giving away a nice prize to the top 3 submitters. The grand prize winner will get US $25000, second place gets US $15000,...
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The power is in the software – iPad 2 and iOS 4.3

By Detector | 04 March 2011


iPad 2 was unveiled by the legendary Steve Jobs again, and again they have the best product. Why? There are more powerful PAD’s out there, but iPad 2 as an whole experience bring more benefits to...
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Where are your Facebook friends located?

By Detector | 02 March 2011


Do you ever wonder where your facebook friends are located? The WhereMyFriends app will show a geographic location of your facebook friends on a Google Map. You just need to connect your facebook account with a...
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Angry Farm for Blackberry Users

By Detector | 01 March 2011


Most of business users of BlackBerry devices are not very interesting audience for entertainment software. As Angry Birds is anything except boring BlackBerry continue the angry birds’ era with involving pigs and other farm animals named...
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