Lenovo invests in NEC

By Detector | 21 January 2011


Chinese Lenovo and the Japanese company NEC are in the final stages of talks for a investment in the personal computer business. This investment will improve Lenovo position on a global PC market. Lenovo may take...
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Joomla 1.6 improved and modernized

By Detector | 11 January 2011


The Joomla 1.6 is released yesterday, which features improvements in any aspect. The new version of Joomla 1.6 was in development 3 years. The project has about 80 volunteer developers including several who manage the core...
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9 Best Compact Printers for Small Offices

By Detector | 05 January 2011


Recent advances in technology have radically transformed both the way people do business and the places from where that business gets done. In an increasingly mobile world, fuelled by rapid advances in technology – from smaller...
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New Intel technology – Kill Switch

By Detector | 22 December 2010


Intel is preparing to launch its Sandy Bridge processors at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January. The most interesting thing about these new processors is the kill switch that is built into them. What, a...
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Yahoo shutdown services

By Detector | 17 December 2010


After recent dismissals of employees in Yahoo in order to reduce costs and change the strategy, it intends to shutdown and several services. Dismissals were just in the departments of products that Yahoo plans to shut...
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List of most alternative energy projects ever

By Detector | 16 December 2010


Alternative energy is an umbrella term that refers to any source of usable energy intended to replace fuel sources without the undesired consequences of the replaced fuels. Here you can find list of most interesting alternative...
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Google Fiber is not quite ready for official announcement, again

By Detector | 16 December 2010


New Google experiment – Google Fiber is not quite ready to make it official. This was announced on official Google blog today. For those that don’t know initial purpose of this project was to help anyone...
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Investments: Apple is investing in the production of LCD’s

By Detector | 14 December 2010


Toshiba is building a new factory for production of LCD screens worth 1.2 billion U.S. dollars, but apparently Toshiba is not alone in that investment. In fact, according to Japanese newspaper Nikkei, reported by Reuters, Apple...
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New Facebook Profile Pages are already available

By Detector | 05 December 2010

Facebook already prepare the folks and announced via Twitter few hours before than Mark Zuckerberg’s appearance on 60 Minutes on mashable.com that the new Facebook Profile Pages are now available to try out. Assume that new...
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10 Tips for Organising Office Parties

By Detector | 04 December 2010


Perhaps you volunteered to organise the office party in a moment of insanity, or maybe you just drew the short stick and were forced into the position against your will; whatever the case, you probably realise...
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