All against Wikileaks

By Detector | 03 December 2010


Wikileaks is unavailable all morning because EveryDNS, the domain provider, decided to restrict their services. The wikileaks team announced on twitter that their domain is not working for 10 hours, becouse or possibly for breaking the...
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9 Inventive Ways to Overcome Office Boredom

By Detector | 23 November 2010


Boredom is a difficult condition to understand, buts its effects on your life and on your career are real. The lack of interest in your job and the difficulty you have concentrating on your work can...
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How To Make Your Printer Ink Last Longer: 5 Tips

By Detector | 12 November 2010


You probably already know that printing out college papers, grocery lists, or images is not cheap. Many people never realize this until the ink has run out and you’re faced with the exorbitant expense of purchasing...
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The lion’s appetite for Apple Mac OSx Lion

By Detector | 27 October 2010


Slide which was shown last year at the presentation of the new Apple operating system Mac OS X 10.6, popularly known as Snow Leopard, the number 0 which was printed below the innovation list are used...
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Add Zimbra to the Ubuntu messaging menu

By Detector | 14 October 2010


Zimbra is open source email and collaboration suite that is used personal or for businesses. In the last version Zimbra integrates with Facebook, Twitter, Google Apps and other social services. Also it works on every platform...
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Google’s Biggest Failures and Predictions for Upcoming Failures

By Detector | 15 September 2010

“We celebrate our failures,” was the exact statement of Google CEO Eric Schmidt. “When it comes to failures, Google’s celebrating more than you might realize”. Hm, as I have understood from near history Google rarely sounds...
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iPhone or iPad User has Insaine Interest for Money

By Detector | 05 September 2010

The survey conducted on 20000 iPhone and iPad users shows that typical user of these devices is aggressive, arrogant and hunger for power. According this survey could be created profile of the person which has possessed...
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GMail Telephony Service – One Milion Calls Per Day

By Detector | 27 August 2010

Google has announced that its new service which will provide the telephone call directly from Gmail successfully started and the first day was achieved more than a million calls. Given that the service is currently only...
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Open source is used in 98% companies

By Detector | 18 August 2010

According to researching of Zenoss Company, almost 98% of large companies in their business are using products based on open source code. The study lasted 4 years and also shows that they are changes in general...
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Intel Moorestown without Windows support

By Detector | 07 June 2010

Microsoft and Windows are depressed from Intel announce last days, when Intel spokesman Claudine Mangano said that the new processor Atom Z600 (Moorestown) will never support Windows OS. Although, the chips will be x86 architecture, they...
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