How to install Thunderbird 6.0 on Ubuntu

By Detector | 01 September 2011

Mozilla has released Thunderbird 6.0 with some new features and many bugs fixes. You can read more about new features here. The installation process is quick and painless. First you must add PPA repository, so any...
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5 must install addons for Thunderbird

By Detector | 09 June 2011

Lightning Manage your daily schedule directly within Thunderbird. Allows managing calendars locally or subscribing to network calendars. MinimizeToTray Plus Minimize applications to the system tray. Works for Firefox 3, Thunderbird 3 and Sunbird 1 and higher....
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Fedora 15 with Gnome 3

By Detector | 25 May 2011


The popular linux distro Fedora project has released version 15, and is the first major Linux distribution to include GNOME 3 as the default desktop environment. GNOME 3 includes the new “GNOME Shell” user interface which...
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Install and enable apache mod_rewrite on Ubuntu

By Detector | 19 May 2011

If you need to install apache server first, check this detector-pro tutorial. Default LAMP installation does not include apache mod_rewrite enabled so you need to add it manually. Here is easy way to do that. Open...
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Ubuntu 11.04 ready for download

By Detector | 28 April 2011


The official release of Ubuntu 11.04 is ready for download on official Ubuntu page. This release is codenamed Natty Narwhal and the major update is new Unity desktop shell, which is designed to improve overall easy...
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Ubuntu with GNOME again

By Detector | 10 April 2011


Everybody knows that Ubuntu 11.04 will come with Unity (Unity is a compiz plugin) as default desktop environment. But, now, a few weeks before final release, some Ubuntu users are not satisfied with a current Unity...
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Install Firefox 4 on Ubuntu

By Detector | 23 March 2011


Firefox 4 is released, it’s more than a 6x times faster from the older version, has a complete UI overhaul, new features, improve stability and many more. Read more about Firefox 4 features here. Windows user...
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The new linux kernel is really faster

By Detector | 17 March 2011

The newest linux update, kernel – 2.6.38 features a number of enhancements that should offer a performance boost, particularly in parallel processing like multitasking, databases and other apps that require maximum resources. This kernel has been...
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By Detector | 23 February 2011


Linux users has wait too long to get legally streaming content on their computers. Netflix, Cinemanow and other strictly forbid anything other than Mac and Win. But, recognized the potential of growing Linux market and...
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Universal app installer for Linux

By Detector | 31 January 2011


The idea of one universal package format for all distributions has been around for years. Newly introduced Apple App store service accelerates the unified Linux package discussions and we hope that this will give highly effective...
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