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Integrate Thunderbird in Ubuntu Messaging menu

By Detector | 28 September 2010


If you are using Thunderbird as main Internet client in Ubuntu, and if you want integration with you native Ubuntu notification system, there is an addon for that. The addon can be downloaded from: After...
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HyperDock – extend your Apple dock functionality

By Detector | 27 September 2010


HyperDock adds Windows 7 style thumbnails to the Mac OS X dock, so you can select any open single application window just by moving the mouse on a dock item and select that window. This is...
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Add Shoutcast plugin to Rhythmbox

By Detector | 25 September 2010

If you love internet radio stations, this is really useful plugin for you. Rhythmbox in Ubuntu comes with few radio stations by default, so, any other station you like, must be entered manually. Now, installing this...
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Appear offline to some users on Facebook Chat

By Detector | 20 September 2010

Facebook have connected millions of people worldwide and it offers chat as additional connection option. So, whenever you login to your Facebook account, the Facebook Chat automatically signs you in to its messenger system. There are...
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Google’s Biggest Failures and Predictions for Upcoming Failures

By Detector | 15 September 2010

“We celebrate our failures,” was the exact statement of Google CEO Eric Schmidt. “When it comes to failures, Google’s celebrating more than you might realize”. Hm, as I have understood from near history Google rarely sounds...
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YouTube goes Live

By Detector | 15 September 2010

YouTube, the online video sharing site is experimenting with the live video streaming platform. The test is limited to a certain number of users which is a two-day pilot project ending Tuesday. Official YouTube authorities reported:...
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The Ubuntu Tour project

By Detector | 11 September 2010

Help wanted!! This new Ubuntu project has goal to “provide an interactive tour for users who are new to Ubuntu.” It will provide a simple text guide and interactive tour which would replace the need to...
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Google Instant

By Detector | 08 September 2010

“We’re already fast… Fast is about to get faster!” said Eric Schmidt just a few moments before Google unveiled Google Instant. Google Instant is yet another search revolution or at least they are thinking that, and...
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iPhone or iPad User has Insaine Interest for Money

By Detector | 05 September 2010

The survey conducted on 20000 iPhone and iPad users shows that typical user of these devices is aggressive, arrogant and hunger for power. According this survey could be created profile of the person which has possessed...
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New Apple TV

By Detector | 02 September 2010

Never popular Apple TV is fully redesigned. The device is much smaller than the predecessor, packed in black casing and it has the new Apple’s A4 ARM processor. Network connectivity includes WiFi and a 100-MBit Ethernet....
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